Rambling TV: Thoughts on Westworld and TWD

With the holiday I almost forgot to write about TV this week, despite Westworld having an amazing episode. Let's talk about that first.


SO many theories were confirmed in the penultimate episode. Bernard really is a host made in Arnold's image. There's almost certainly two time lines and William really will end up becoming the Man in Black. 

They didn't let us know what happened to Elsie, Stubbs went looking for her and was captured by hosts, which leads me to believe she's at least alive.

Logan was tormenting Dolores in front of William until she escaped. Logan handed him a picture of his sister, the same picture that threw Dolores' father out of whack in the premiere and gave it to him to "remind" William he has a girl at home. William says he understands, then while Logan is passed out, he kills all the other hosts.

Mauve is still plotting and building her army.

We got a visit from old Clementine again. Bernard corners Ford about hist past and has her put a gun on him. After Ford messes with Bernard a bit, making him relive his painful memories, he finally drops the bombshell Arnold truth on him. This is spliced with a scene of Dolores after she leaves William, her scenery and clothes change back and forth until she comes face to face with Bernard/Arnold, and reveals she is the one that killed him. Then Ford has Bernard put a gun to his own head. I really hope someone brings him back.

Next week's finale is 90 minutes, and that has to tide us over until early 2018. I can't wait.

The Walking Dead

This week in The Walking Bottle Episodes, we check up with Tara and Heath for an entire 70 minutes. They get separated, and Tara runs across an all female community who had all the men and boy killed by Saviors a while back. They have a shoot immediately policy, but Cyndie takes a liking to Tara and saves her. She then walks back to Alexandria and learns about Denise, Glenn, and Abe since that all happened when she was gone.

In theory, this story wasn't bad. Tara is one of my favorites. Even though this new Oceanside community is just a gun filled plot device for our currently gunless group, I liked Cyndie and the thought of an all female community is intriguing, though Gimple will probably fuck it up because he can't write female friendships. But the bottle episode format really hurts this. Had this story been told along side others over multiple episodes ala Game of Thrones (seriously, they try to be GoT so much, you'd think they'd attempt parallel story telling) it would've worked. But sadly, it didn't.

Next week is a 90 minute episode as well. I think Gimple took a page out of Mr. Robot's book with all these extended episodes this season. 

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  1. I've managed to keep away from most theories (apart from the William = MiB one) but that Bernard twist shocked the hell out of me! Gawd this show is so good. I can't wait for the season finale, but the wait until 2018 is going to kill me.
    - Allie

    1. I was trying to do that too, but then Sati made a Westworld forum and I gave in lol.

    2. I will lure everyone there :P

  2. I'm so stoked for the season finale as this is truly one incredible show. I'm hoping for Evan, Ed, Thandie, and Jeffrey to get some accolades and more.

    1. I will throw my TV if they don't. Especially Wright, Thandie and Evan. I wonder how they'll submit them? I'm thinking they won't want Evan and Thandie to compete so Evan will go lead and Thandie supporting? Wright and Harris could go lead or supporting themselves. I'd split them up too.

  3. Next to Go Getters, I really liked this episode. Gimple can't write women for shit but what we get of them is pretty interesting and the actresses are generally great. Alanna was really held her own especially since a lot of fans seem to be on the fence of liking or disliking Tara (love!!!).

    1. I love Tara, but I didn't right away. I hated her in those Governor episodes but as soon as she met up with Glenn it was like she was a different person.

    2. I think Steven has a way of doing that with everyone. Heath was only semi-interesting around him or Tara.


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