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It was going to be hard to top last week's episode. While this one was a little slower it provided a lot of interesting information, and gave another big theory another point in its direction.

Let's talk about how fucked Sylvester and Felix are. Felix's sympathy for Mauve bit him in the ass in a big way this week. Mauve wants to build an army to escape, and Sylvester thinks they should shut her down and wipe her memory. That doesn't happen, and she slits Felix's throat lightly to demonstrate just how little they can control her. He lives, though. Later, she murders the new replacement Clementine and is taken out by techs. We get a flashback of her begging them not to wipe the memories of her daughter by saying "this pain is all I have left." Now we know where Ford got that line for Bernard.

Speaking of Bernard, he cleans up his tracks for being with Theresa, but when he asks Ford if he's ever made him kill before, a memory flashes before his eyes of him grabbing Elsie, but his memory is wiped before he can do more.

Dolores gets to the old town where she calls home and remembers herself massacring it. William stops her from bringing the gun to her own head. They run into Logan and his men as they leave, and the preview for next week looks creepy and awful.

Now to the big reveal. The Man in Black, when telling Teddy who he really is leaves us two huge clues that point to both the Alternate timeline theory and William being the MIB. The blonde woman they save is the host that helped William pick  out his outfit in the first episode he appeared. MIB says "I thought they would've retired you." Then MIB mentions he's married to a woman and has two kids. That's not a huge stretch, but we know William is about to marry Logan's sister. And if their marriage didn't work, I have to wonder if it's because she found out William did something to Logan - I think there's a good chance William could end up killing him. 

There's so much to digest in this episode. But the most mind boggling....how does Lee still have a job?

The Walking Dead

TWD shocked me this week by actually having a good episode, albeit a long overdue one. We FINALLY checked in with Maggie and Sasha, which should've happened three episodes ago.

Every scene the two of them were in was good. It was nice to see how Glenn and Abe continue to live through them. They also stepped up and helped Hilltop in their time of need, even though Gregory tried multiple times to throw them out. Plus we were given a break from Negan speeches this week by letting Simon take the lead. 

Carl and Enid also had a sweet teenage love story before he jumped aboard the Savior's truck to go kill Negan himself.

Of course, while the episode was good, it still had problems. Mainly Gregory and Xander Berkeley's black hole of charisma. His character is almost as cartoonish as Negan.  The episode also highlighted how shitty Gimple has been at developing stories. Jesus is all gungho about helping Maggie and Sasha, but why? Why is he all of a sudden on Team ASZ? He disappeared after his introduction last season. And Maggie gives Enid Glenn's watch. Why? They should've showed us more scenes of the three of them bonding as a family for it to make sense that Maggie would give away what was one Hershel's to someone that's a non family member, and not save it for her own child.  

Other TV Thoughts

I'm not shocked the least funny SNL episode was the one Kirsten Wiig hosted. The only segment that even drew a laugh from me was the Weekend Update. It was just bad. Hopefully Emma Stone can bring the laughs back in a few weeks. ABC also greenlit an 8 episode Inhumans TV show. I'm assuming this means Agents of SHIELD is being cancelled. If not, I hope the Inhumans show takes Daisy off of AoS so I can stop cringing through her scenes. They specifically said it's not an AOS spin off, but come on. Kill Daisy or shove her on some other show. I want her off my screen. 

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  1. MiB actually said he has one daughter - Emily - and that his wife killed herself a year back after 30 years of marriage. My problem is why then? She is married to Ed Harris for 30 years and she takes pills because occasionally he goes off to play cowboy? What the fuck is this?!

    That line about pain was actually what we saw 'Bernard' hear from Dolores in one of their chats. Ford that asshole probably stole that from Arnold's journal

    1. Ah, I totally misheard. I saw he said he was the father of "two beautiful daughters"

      Oh Ford definitely did, like I said. Bastard. lol

  2. That was an excellent episode though not as good as last week but Ed Harris and Thandie Newton.... they were on fire!

    1. The acting in this episode was just stellar. This had to be a few different actor's Emmy submissions.

  3. Nice TWD review. Season seven's line-up is completely messed up. Go-Getters would've been great after the premiere. The show is horrible with creating/developing female friendships but Maggie and Sasha's is probably the best.

    1. They're awful with female friendships. To be honest, even Maggie and Sasha's feels a little forced. I think they put Sasha with Abraham solely to parallel both of them losing siblings in S5.


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