Indie Gems: Joshy

Boys weekend.

Josh (Thomas Middleditch) was happily engaged, and then that suddenly ended. And not in the way you think. He had put down a deposit on a house in Ojai, California for his bachelor party and his friends, Ari, (Adam Pally) Adam, (Alex Ross Perry) and Eric (Nick Kroll) decide to throw a party anyways to bring his spirits up.

This film is disguised as a comedy where these men drink and smoke away their problems, but it actually ends up being pretty heavy. There's a few laughs, but the bulk of the film isn't just Josh's pain. All of his friends are having issues too, and aside from Adam, none want to address them in wake of Josh's problems. 

Middleditch is very talented, which anyone watching Silicon Valley knows. It's always a pleasure to watch him. The cast has chemistry, especially when Jodi, a character played by Jenny Slate shows up. A lot of other actors make small cameos in the film as well. Aubrey Plaza, Lauren Graham, Frankie Shaw, Alison Brie, Jake Johnson. 

The editing of the film is very clunky, though there's a reason for it later on in the film. The story isn't always steady on its feet, but it was something completely unexpected and that I can appreciate.

Grade: B-

Watched on: Netflix DVD

Memorable Quote: "So I gave him a handy and he's like sobbing and coming and sobbing and coming." - Isadora (Lauren Weedman)


  1. I started watching this but my attention was starting to waver so I stopped. I might give this another go now.


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