Best Performances of the Decade Not Nominated for an Oscar

In continuing on with my decade posts, I thought it would be fun to talk about the Oscars. Yes, I know, we just got through that, but here we are again. January and February are slow content months, y'all. These a few performances from the 2010-2019 Oscar seasons that should've gotten more love. I'm bound to miss some, some don't forget to chime in with your favorites

Best Actor - Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine
Was it fair that Michelle Williams got that coveted nomination, when her counterpart who was there every step of the way did not? No. It wasn't. 2010 was a stacked year, arguably the most competitive so Gosling was shut out, but I truly felt he deserved a place.

Best Actress - Adepero Oduye in Pariah
I realize no one saw this movie so it was never on anyone's radar but Oduye is so devastatingly good and was Albert Nobbs really more Oscar Worthy than this? No.
Best Actor - Michael Fassbender in Shame
The only excuse for his lack of nomination was that there must be a lot of tiny dicked Academy voters that were intimated but the glorious full frontal nudity we got in this film. 
Best Actor - Joaquin Phoenix in Her
This is my favorite performance of Phoenix's and they somehow ignored it. 

Best Actress - Tilda Swinton in We Need To Talk About Kevin
She was so close! I love Swinton in this role and it's still one of her best

Best Supporting Actor - Ezra Miller in We Need To Talk About Kevin
Like Swinton, he was perfect in this. This was Miller's first "big" film and he'd go on to give other wonderful performances but he was such a force here. Ezra made Kevin more than just a creepy kid.

Best Actress - Brie Larson in Short Term 12
Room was Brie's big break out but I'm always over here screaming "BUT DID YOU SEE SHORT TERM 12?" I love this movie and I thought she was wonderful in it. I love her in Room too, but this is what I wish she had her Oscar for.

Best Actor - Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station
The 2014 Oscars had 4 very good performances and Bradley Cooper in American Sniper. Yet Michael B. Jordan was over here giving a very powerful performance in the important Fruitvale Station and was getting ignored. *heavy sigh*

Best Actor - Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler
*phew* Does everyone here remember the massive fit I threw on Twitter about this? I'm still not over it, to be honest. There are so many egregious errors the Academy makes and this one will always be towards the top. HOW did he not get nominated? How?

Best Supporting Actor - Payman Maadi in Camp X-Ray
I'm part of the problem here because I didn't get to see Camp X-Ray until it hit DVD but this is one of the most moving films I've ever seen and it made me fall in love with Payman's work, when I had only been familiar with him in A Separation before. I can't describe how good he is here.

Best Actor - Abraham Attah in Beasts of No Nation
Idris Elba was the center of a lot of awards talk for his film, but I always felt it should've been Attah. This was his first performance and he was so convincing. I hate that the Best Actor category always ignores kids.

Best Supporting Actor - Paul Dano in Love & Mercy
His Golden Globe nomination for this role looked promising but once again Paul Dano fell to the wayside. I hope this trend is reversed soon because I've never been here for it. 

Best Actor - Jacob Tremblay in Room
I know he was being campaigned for supporting but since we're "what if'ing" here, I'm putting him in the category he belongs in. Not many young children can give a performance like he did, and they should've recognized it. 

Best Supporting Actor - Rob Morgan in Mudbound
I feel like I've complained frequently about Rob Morgan's lack of acknowledgement anywhere but the best chance he had was in Mudbound, which was nominated for a few Oscars and they still slept on him. There is a cast to be made here for Jason Mitchell as well.

Best Actor - Hugh Jackman in Logan
You can nominate and give Joaquin Phoenix an Oscar for crawling into a refrigerator and contorting his body but not Hugh Jackman, who starred in a "darker comic book film" that was actually GOOD and gave a heart wrenching performance that was an excellent send off to his established character? Please.

Best Actress - Rebecca Hall in Christine
The studio that released this film should've pushed it like crazy for awards season and they didn't. Because of that, few people got to see the amazing performance Hall gave and no one is better for it.

Best Actress - Carey Mulligan in Wildlife
Wildlife in general was so snubbed. Everyone went nuts over Bradley Cooper's directorial debut, but no one paid Paul Dano's less flashy debut any mind. It's sad, especially when Mulligan was so good in it. 

Best Supporting Actress - Cynthia Erivo in Bad Times at the El Royale
When I started writing this post, Cynthia hadn't been nominated for an Oscar yet. Now that she's a double nominee, I'm happy she finally has that next to her name, but I still think she should've been nominated for her wonderful turn in this film.

Best Actor - Daveed Diggs in Blindspotting
If you haven't seen Blindspotting, you should. We all let this film down. A summer release that quietly went to DVD only for everyone who missed it to discover just how good and important it was. Daveed was amazing. 

Best Actress - Viola Davis in Widows
Widows in general should've gotten way more Oscar love than it did. If there are two people who most certainly should've gotten nominations, Davis was wonderful

Best Supporting Actress - Elizabeth Debicki in Widows
And while we're at it, Debicki should've gotten nominated for this too, damn it. 


  1. Hall is seriously better than most best actress WINNERS. This just shows what a marketing/publicity stunt this all is. Yes for my boo Hugh. And yes Fassbender's dick was to big to slide in...:P

    1. lmaooooooooooooooooooo

      For real about Hall though. Every single person that has seen that movie raved about her. Had they promoted the damn thing she'd probably have an Oscar.

  2. Oooooooh you list some real gems. Great calls on Mulligan, Hall, Morgan, Attah, Gyllenhaal, and Erivo. I would add Michael Shannon for "Take Shelter". He gave my favorite of any performance that year.

    1. YES! You are absolutely right. He was amazing in that movie.

  3. OK, with the exception of Abraham Attah, Carey Mulligan, Rob Morgan, Daveed Diggs, and Rebecca Hall only because I haven't seen them (though I have Wildlife and Blindspotting in my DVR list). I agree with these choices. Those are great performances overlooked by the Academy and such.

  4. Great post! I haven't seen them all but those I've seen really deserved a nomination. Especially Fassbender for Shame. I will never get over it.

  5. So many great performances here, and too many that I haven't seen yet!
    Shouting about Short Term 12 worked for me, it was thanks to you I watched it, and fell in love with LaKeith Stanfield!!

  6. Great picks! Totally agree about Jordan, Fassbender, and Gyllenhaal. Hall in Christine is one of my all-time faves. And I totally squealed, just a little, to see Ryan from Blue Valentine. He was robbed.

    1. He was, that's my second favorite performance of his after Half Nelson

  7. Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller should have gotten nominated, that film was intense. I love Elizabeth Debicki in Widows, she was a delight.

  8. YES at Hugh Jackman from Logan. Also Patrick Stewart from that same film. So criminally overlooked.

    Also agreed on Michael B. Jordan, though I'd say from Creed II. By far his performance in any film yet, in another movie that went so sorely overlooked, it actually hurts to think about.

    1. I never cared for the Creed (or Rocky) movies but he was very solid. He's just great all around. Some day. lol

  9. That's a great list and I am so glad you made it. I completely agree about Fassbender in Shame and Hall in Christine (magnificent work!), but I also wanted to add Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia. That is another great performance completely ignored.

    1. I hated Melancholia but Dunst was amazing in it and I would not have been mad if she was Oscar nominated for it.

  10. Great list. Wany to check out Love & Marcy soon. I love prison movies and Camp-X-Ray is definitely underseen. Agree We Need To Talk About Kevin was overlooked by The Academy.
    I’d add Lily Gladstone’s supporting performance from Certain Women (2016) and Omar Sy in The Intouchables (2011). Both were unforgettable.

    1. Ohh Omar Sy is a good one! I was so surprised by The Intouchables I thought I was going to hate it and cry the whole time.

  11. Oh man, this is so long, I'm gonna go up and down on this one.
    Shame not getting recognition is a crime!
    Best Actor - Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler - THIS IS EVEN WORSE!
    And oh, Hugh Jackman... wow, it's awful that he's in this list. Like.. how blind were the voters?

    1. Very blind, especially for Nightcrawler! Did Gyllenhaal kick their puppies or something?


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