Underseen Movies of the Decade Part 2

We're onto the second part of my four part series. Here I'm talking about a few films of this past decade that I felt deserved more attention. 

Part 1

1) Kill Your Darlings

I cannot stress enough just how wonderful the entire cast is in this film. There's quite a few films covering the beat generation but this one remains my favorite. Review

2) The Incredible Jessica James

This is a more recent find for me, but with all the articles out there covering Netflix originals this film does not get talked about nearly enough It's amazing. Review

3) Una

This is one of those films that under the right distributor, it would've been an awards vehicle for Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn but instead went largely unnoticed. It's rather uncomfortable at times but it's so well done. Review

4) Laurence Anyways

Remember when Xavier Dolan was all the rage on film twitter? If there's one film of his that still sticks with me, its this epic story about Laurence and Suzanne and how Laurence's transition affects their long term relationship. This is about three hours long but is worth every second. Review

5) For Ellen

As a long time card carrying Paul Dano Stan, this is a film of his that didn't get a lot of notice, but one he pours a lot of heart in soul into. His character isn't likable but he makes you invested in him quite easily. Review

6) The Music Never Stopped

There aren't many solid, non-animated PG films out there for adults. I would probably struggle just naming 10, but this one with the fabulous Lou Taylor Pucci and J.K Simmons is a wonderful story about a father and his son that begs to be seen. Review

7) The Brass Teapot

This is one of those very whacky indie movies that you need to see to believe. A young couple finds a brass teapot that gives them anything they want if they harm themselves while wishing on it. It's a lot of fun. Review

8) King of Devils Island

I thought about this film a lot when Chernobyl was on last year because this also has an amazing Stellan Skarsgard performance in it. And it's fairly depressing as well. If you're a fan of his you definitely need to see this movie. Review

9) Hello I Must Be Going

One of these days, Melanie Lynskey is finally going to get nominated for an Oscar and I'll be here screaming "She should've been nominated for this!" into the abyss. If you've been around my blog for a while this probably isn't the first time you've heard of it. But if you haven't seen it yet..you should. Review

10) Violet and Daisy

Not many assassin movies take place from the perspective of a teenage and early 20 something girls, but this one does and it's a lot of fun. I feel like the only time this was talked about was when James Gandolfini tragically died as this was one of his last films but it should've stayed in the conversation for much longer as Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel (who grew on me with re-watching. Upon looking at my review I wasn't thrilled with her the first time) wonderful and the cinematography was gorgeous. Review


  1. I've seen 3 of these in For Ellen (excellent film and totally underrated), Hello I Must Be Going (also very underrated), and Laurence Anyways (should be seen more) as there's a bunch that I want to see. Notably Una as I heard incredible things about it.

  2. Surprise! I've seen *does the math* ZERO of these and am immediately regretting many of my life's decisions.

    I was telling myself The Music Never Stopped was going to be the one I'd conquer, but then you hit me with The Brass Teapot and I have no idea what I'm going to do now.

    Very cool series, Brittani. Looking forward to further entries.

    1. Thank you! Music Never Stops is sweet, The Brass Teapot is super weird, you'd probably enjoy both, but Teapot is so much better than it has any right being lol

  3. I loved The Brass Teapot. It's definitely an underrated film. I want to rewatch Violet & Daisy. Some of these are on my watch list as well.

  4. I have seen the first one almost entirely, I've seen the Teapot one which was okay and the rest is just complete mystery to me. I've heard of them but I have yet to watch them. But I agree, I mean, I completely believe good movies are always left out from the oscars. :D

    1. They are lol. I hope you find some of these and enjoy them!

  5. This is just an amazing post, and do so agree with you on many of the films you mentioned, especially on Laurence Anyways (epic and underseen!) and on Una (little-known, but a gem!). Kill Your Darlings just disappeared from my radar at some point (as Daniel Radcliff's films tend to do with me), and I realise I need to watch it.

    1. Definitely check out Kill Your Darlings, it's got my favorite Radcliffe performance, I think.

  6. Hmmm...I never heard of these movies before, but they all sound interesting!

  7. Yes, Una! My God how many of those 'should have been nominated' performances does Ben have :/ He always has such bad luck in award season

    1. It's because he plays so many damn villains lol.

  8. Kill Your Darlings was SO good. I really enjoyed Jessica James too. Love Jessica Williams and Chris O'Dowd. They really worked in this movie.


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