Review: Capone

Pay for your crimes. 

In the last year of his life, Al Capone (Tom Hardy) or how he's referred to in this film - Fonse is suffering from 
syphilis in his Florida home while being under surveillance by the FBI. As he continues to deteriorate, he tries to remember where he buried a large sum of money, while his wife Mae (Linda Cardellini) takes care of him.

I knew going into Capone it was going to be horrible, but I expected it to be funny bad. And part of it is. Whatever the fuck Tom Hardy is doing here is hilarious. The film's climatic moment features him running around his yard, in a full diaper with a tommy gun growling like a cartoon character who spent their entire life smoking two packs a day. But for the rest of the time, its almost painfully boring. Writer/Director Josh Trank uses a lot of hallucinations and flashbacks to tell his story, but he can't weave them together coherently. It's a mess of a screenplay.

I had the same incredulous moment watching Academy Award nominee Tom Hardy shitting himself (twice) as I did watching Academy Award winner Adrien Brody fuck that alien in Splice. Boy, these are some...choices.

Recommended: No

Grade: F

Memorable Quote" "haaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" - Fonse (Tom Hardy)


  1. Nothing has made me even the slightest bit tempted to try watching this until your review, ha!

  2. OK, that image of Tom Hardy wearing a diaper w/ a machine gun looks hilarious. I wanna see that. Oh God, now I'm laughing. Thank you very much.

  3. HaHa. Ok, I liked it to a point and appreciated Trank and Hardy's dive into a disease-ravaged mind. But it is wildly inconsistent and a thoroughly unpleasant experience. That alone is enough to push some people why (which I TOTALLY understand).

  4. So.... what you're saying is that... I should not watch it. :D

  5. Nice review! I know you gave this such a low score and I should avoid this....but the description of that ending has me hooked to try it out. lol


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