Review: Spies in Disguise

 Cartoon Bond.

Agent Lance Sterling (Will Smith) is the world's greatest spy, but when a mission goes wrong, a villain named Killian (Ben Mendelsohn) copies his likeness and commits crimes, which results in Sterling having to run from his agency. Then there's Walter (Tom Holland) an inventor who works for the same agency and is fired by Sterling before all of this goes down. His inventions don't harm people, and when he tells Sterling he can make him disappear, Sterling jumps the gun, drinks his latest serum, and then finds out by "disappear" he meant "turn him into a pigeon that no one notices."

I was shocked when I logged on to write this review and saw that the film was actually under two hours. It feels so much longer than that. This really is a Bond movie for kids, it borrows all the same beats but Smith and Holland are fun enough to make it bearable. There were quite a few times that I legitimately laughed at things happening, but there were other times I found some of the jokes incredibly stupid.

This isn't groundbreaking animation by any stretch, and I think the pacing was actually kind of terrible for what should be a quick action story, but as a whole it works for an at home watch on HBO Max. It teaches a nice lesson and has a few good jokes. 

Recommended: Sure, it's free on streaming if you already have HBO.

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "Glitter makes people happy." - Walter (Tom Holland)


  1. This is on HBO right now as I might check it out if it's on as it might be something my nephew might like.

    Oh, Ludwig Goransson won an Emmy too like Trent & Atticus of NIN. Both of them need Tonys to become... ELITE. Really it should be called the TOE because the Grammys are fucking shit. The Simpsons have often dissed that award every chance it got. "Oh wow, an award. Oh wait, it's a Grammy".

    1. Yes! I'm so happy for Ludwig, he's swiftly become one of my favorite composers.


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