Quick Ramblings: Reviews I Forgot To Write

When I watch a movie I usually try to write something about it within the next day or two. But with the rise of Letterboxd, I find himself leaving a few quick thoughts there and moving on. I actually did plan on writing a few things about the following films below, but they slipped my mind. So here's a few quick thoughts.

The White Tiger -
This Netflix movie has been slowly gaining some awards momentum so I decided to check it out. It gets off to a really good start. It's very energetic and I enjoyed the narration, then it just fizzles out. While it says something interesting about the class divide in India, I just got bored with it. I felt it was all over the place. C

The Climb -
This film starts off with a long one take tracking shot of two friends riding bike and it's wonderful to look at. There's a lot of clever shots in this. It can at times feel like the directors are showing off, but I really enjoyed this story of two men and their friendship. It was sharp, funny, and a little bit morbid. I will say all the female characters are written terribly, but since the main story is the friendship between these two guys, I won't hold it against them *too* much. B+

Palmer -
What a waste of Juno Temple. A lot was made of the non binary actor playing Sam, and I expected that to be part of the story but it really isn't. Sam is just berated for being different, though some people eventually warm up to that. I'll give Justin Timberlake credit, he's pretty good here and the film kept my attention, but it's nothing to write home about. C

The Happiest Season -
Add me to the never ending list of people who think Kristen Stewart's character should've just ran off with Aubrey Plaza. It was fine, but it could've been better. B

The Dig -
We need to talk about age appropriate casting because as much as I love Carey Mulligan she is so miscast in this. Edith Pretty, the real life woman she was playing was in her 50's when this all went down and you can tell that this role was meant for a woman of that age. Why aren't we giving actresses in their 50's these opportunities? Why are we passing this stuff off to women in their 30's? Maybe they dodged a bullet. This film was incredibly dull. D

Run -
This movie was awesome, and props to the filmmakers for casting a disabled actress in the lead role. Keira Allen was fantastic in this, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. And man, that ending. That was not what I was expecting. B+


  1. I haven't seen The Happiest Season yet I find the pairing of Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza far more interesting. My only reason to see The White Tiger is Rahmin Bahrani whose work I like a lot despite having not seen his recent version of Fahrenheit 451.

    1. It's even more glaring in the movie how much better Aubrey Plaza's character is than Mackenzie Davis'lol. I expected to like The White Tiger so much more than I did, I'm disappointed.

  2. Great idea for a post, and well it's fitting given your blog name :-) I have a bunch of movies I haven't had a chance to review either, heck I still haven't seen The White Tiger and I blogged about it a couple of months ago, ahah. Too bad it's not a very good movie.

    1. I feel like most people liked it more than me, I just was not feeling it.

  3. I've seen most of these and agree with your thoughts! If we don't get a Stewart/Plaza romcom soon then I'll start a petition!

    1. Honestly, direct a sequel to this movie where they DO get together lol


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