What I Watched on TV in February

I can't believe it's March already. I focused a lot on movies this month again, but here's what I made time for on the small screen.

Wandavision -
This show! Over all, I love it but last night's finale was definitely a little weak. I'm glad we got to see Wanda in her full display of powers. Her relationship with Vision to me now feels like one of the most fully formed ones in the MCU and I love their chemistry. I'll miss that. Kathryn Hahn and Teyonah Parris were treasures and I can't wait to see more of them in the MCU. Darcy and Wu being back was a wonderful addition and I hope to see more of them too.

It's the consequences that concern me. While it's been hinted that other Avengers like Nat have shady pasts, we've never seen one play out like this and I can't imagine how Wanda goes back to being an Avenger without any consequences. It makes me wonder if that cabin she's in at the end is actually a prison and maybe Doctor Strange is tasked with keeping her that way and that's how she ties into his movie? While Monica has been shown to be sympathetic towards her, I still think it's a little weird that she forgave her for enslaving people so quickly. I don't know. Wanda is my favorite so it's my worry of them making her into a villain that stops me from loving the finale.

The New York Times Presents: Framing Britney Spears
- Hulu is a service I subscribe and unsubscribe to often so I wasn't aware they were a NYT Presents docuseries on the platform until they released the Framing Britney Spears episode, which everyone on the internet apparently watched. I wouldn't call it eye opening, because as someone who used to consume a ton of trashy tabloid magazines, I was always aware of how ridiculous the press treated Britney Spears, but seeing reminders of it felt so gross. Especially that Diane Sawyer interview. I think where the doc was lacking was getting more into why Britney is under the conservatorship. They didn't talk about why they thought Britney's father is controlling, other than he cared about money. They didn't talk about the fake baby voice she apparently sings in. This could've been longer and gone so much deeper.

Attack on Titan
- Even though season 4 has been on for a while, I wanted to wait to start it so I could get all the Gabi/Falco focused episodes over with at once. I just do not care for those characters and since these are only 25 minute episodes, I didn't want to waste my time. Seeing these titan transformations get animated has a been a joy. But Sasha...I'm still not over it. 

Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel
- Another one everyone online seemed to be talking about. This 4 part docuseries on Netflix I watched all at once, and I'm glad I stuck with it until the end to get the full picture. While I was somewhat aware of the case they focused on, I had forgotten some of the details and the 3rd episode really dives head first into the internet theories and for a while there, I thought that's what this documentary was going to end up being and I was annoyed. Thankfully they bring it full circle. I'm curious to see if they do other "Crime Scene" type documentaries like this.

Allen v Farrow -
HBO's look at Dylan Farrow's accusations again her father Woody Allen. I've always believed Dylan, and the first two episodes so far have been interesting. While it's not necessarily new information, the family friends speaking up provides new perspective, and of course hearing from Dylan herself. I'm sure Allen stans hate this. 


  1. Of course, I haven’t seen any. I would like to see Wandavision but I don’t want her to turn evil...just leave her alone. If she does, I won’t watch it. Britney is a talent..um..well, whatever but she has been too much in the limelight with everybody clamouring to have a piece of her. Who is making the money off this latest documentary? There are 2 sides to every situation and I don’t know enough of the family dynamics to know what is right or true.

    1. I think you'll really enjoy Wandavision. It's a great show.

      This latest doc is from a serious the New York Times does, so I guess them? I don't think anyone in the Britney camp profited from this.

  2. WandaVision.... give everyone all of the Emmys. What a show as I think Wanda does become a villain for a bit but it's only because of a lie yet she would come to her senses and help Dr. Strange, Loki, Wong, and America Chavez defeat whoever they're dealing with. She then reunites with White Vision and they go home.

    I know there will be a second season but probably in a couple of years. I think Wanda and Vision are sorting themselves out. After that, they go back to WestView and chill.

    I don't consider myself a Woody Allen stan though I do believe that Dylan Farrow was molested. Yet, I don't think it was Woody who molested her as it is very likely that her uncle (Mia's brother) did it given the fact that's now a convicted pedophile with a history of crimes.

    The reason I'm not watching it is that it's very one-sided and they don't ask Moses Farrow, people who know Woody, Soon-Yi, and everyone else. I also learned that Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering did a lot to throw away factual evidence for their agenda in not just in this film but in a couple of other films including the Russell Simmons doc as it explained why Oprah Winfrey took her name out of that project.

    I do want to see the Britney Spears doc as I want to know what has been happening to her as I do feel bad for her. I admit I wasn't a fan of hers when she was a big but I've grown to enjoy her music and I actually do feel sorry for the fact that she doesn't have a lot of control of her finances and such. At least she's a good person at heart unlike Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan as neither of them deserve any sympy.

    1. I'm pretty skeptical of Wandavision getting another season, even a few years down the road. They said pretty much everything they needed to with this story, but I'm sure we'll continue to see it play out in the movies.

      I believe Dylan, and I believe it was Woody, but I know the doc is definitely bias. I'm just glad she feels comfortable enough now to speak and hopefully put this all behind her some day.

  3. Hey I've seen WandaVision!!! Now I can add it to The Mandalorian! In other words I've doubled my television series watching! Progress...ridiculously slow but progress nonetheless. :D


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