2021 Blind Spot Series: Velvet Goldmine


What I knew going in: Not much, other than seeing various gifs/photos

Arthur (Christian Bale) is a journalist doing a piece on a glam rocker, Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and what happened to him after he faked his own death at a concert Arthur had attended. We also see Slade's life and his admiration for another rocker, Curt Wild. (Ewan Mcgregor)

I don't often pick movies made in the 90's for my Blind Spot series, but I've been doing it a bit more lately because there are so many that I have missed, and this is one that gets brought up a lot. It's something I *should* have seen by now, but just haven't. And I have to say it was quite a bit different than I imagined.

I always assumed Ewan McGregor had the focus in this film, because he's the actor that I always here people talk about when discussing this film, but he doesn't. Bale and Meyers have a lot more screen time than him, so I wasn't expecting that. I had actually forgotten Bale was in this at all until I hate hit play, so that was a nice surprise. 

The actors are great, especially Toni Collette who was another surprise I wasn't expecting. The music is catchy, it's shot like a music video and gets fantastical at moments, though sometimes you wonder if what you've seen is true or just a fantasy. I enjoyed the fact that I was a bit caught off guard by this film. I expected one thing and was given something else, and I welcome that occasionally. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Nothing, if you don't look at the World." - Curt (Ewan McGregor)


  1. This was okay but only that despite the cast, which was disappointing. I'm not sorry I watched it but would never do so again.

    1. I'd probably watch it again, but I'm not in a rush to do so.

  2. It's not one of my favorite films as I do love the music and costumes of the time as well as Colette, Bale, and McGregor though I found Meyers to be the weak link in the film. I still watch it though I do understand why David Bowie refused to have his music used in the film which I think sort of worked to Todd Haynes' advantage. Still, it had flaws as I think Haynes wanted to celebrate that whole glam period of the time though I am aware that many of the people from that scene such as Lou Reed, Bryan Ferry, and Brian Eno weren't receptive about the film nor did Boy George who was a teenager during that period and hated the film.

    I think part of the reason why I think a bio-pic on David Bowie is an impossible film to make is because Bowie was ever-changing and I think having one actor play Bowie is impossible. You need more than one to play Bowie unless you're focusing on a certain period but given what happened with Stardust and why Duncan Jones refused the filmmakers to use his father's music. I don't think a Bowie bio-pic is coming anytime soon.

    1. I agree on the Bowie biopic. That's going to be a tough sell. I agree Meyers was the weakest link among the cast, which was unfortunate because he had the most screen time.

  3. Ok, now's here one I haven't seen and I'm trying to remember if I've even heard of it (shameful, I know). Definitely some intriguing names attached which makes me super curious.

    1. That's okay! That's the beauty about movie blogging, always finding something new.

  4. I know of the name of this film and that’s about it except for the accolades. I had no clue these actors were I. This film and it is now on my list to see.


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