What I Watched on TV in July

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July really flew by, didn’t it? I had a decent amount of things I watched on the small screen and will finish up in August. Have you seen any of these? What did you think?

Stranger Things - The last two episodes dropped at the beginning of the month, and despite me not *loving* this season, I binged all 4 hours of those two episodes back to back starting at 10:00pm. It was very engaging, I couldn’t help it. Going into their final season next year will certainly be interesting considering where they left of. Hopefully there’s not as long of a wait between seasons like there was this last time. I hope the Duffers take the criticisms this season got to heart like they have in the past, and make the necessary corrections going forward. This show really is at its best when everyone is together in Hawkins. 

Hacks - I watched the first few episodes but ended up putting a pause on it to catch up with some other things. It’s funny so far. I see now why Laurie Metcaff got an Emmy nomination in the guest category for this, she was great. This is definitely a show better binged than watched week to week for me personally. I look forward to finishing is up this month.

Ms. Marvel - I REALLY wish I liked this movie. I just didn’t, even finishing it up now with the Mutants reveal…it’s still my least favorite Marvel show. I don’t think Kamala is very interesting and the best parts of the show were all around her Muslim heritage, NOT her adventures or powers. I’m not giving up hope on her, because sometimes other properties can completely change how you feel about a character (See Dr. Strange in Infinity War) so hopefully she’s better used in The Marvels.

Mind over Murder -  This finally wrapped up this month and I STILL found the community theater part of this so incredibly boring and pointless. In the final episode, the play is used as a catalyst for some of Helen’s family members to finally accept that these 6 falsely accused people truly didn’t kill their grandma. I can’t say I’d recommend this to anyone. It’s fine to listen to while you’re doing other things.

Westworld - This season actually feels like OG Westworld but I feel like I need a season 3 refresher. There are definitely some things I’ve forgotten. Aaron Paul is probably getting another Emmy nominations and he’ll absolutely deserve it. 

The Thing About Pam - This was recommended to me by a friend and it didn’t dawn on me before I hit play that I was already familiar with the true crime story this is based on. I watched Kendall Rae’s video on YouTube about it. Using a Narrator and making it light hearted is certainly a choice, and I’m sure the family hates it, but I like that it’s different.

What We Do in the Shadows - It’s back! Truthfully I only watched the first episodes because I’m saving a bunch to binge on a longer flight I have to take this week but it was funny and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Justice for Guillermo. 


  1. I liked the humour in What About Pam. I thought it was quite good even though I am not a Renee fan.ihavent seen any of the others bit I'd love to see the Shadows one

    1. The humor was done well, even though I'm sure the actual daughters hate it

  2. Still need to watch the third season of Westworld as I only saw 2 episodes of it but then didn't find the time and kind of lost interest. I hope to catch up to it soon though I'm still unhappy with all of that shit involving HBO and Discovery as I think WarnerDiscovery is going to flop.

    I'm sorry you didn't like Ms. Marvel. I personally loved it as I think this is the best thing in Phase 4 so far. I got a history lesson on the Partition but also this great story about family and community as I'm now more excited for The Marvels above everything else with the exception of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

    I read your tweets about Dan Schneider. That fat-fuck is a pig and I do believe that he is the father of Jamie Spears' kid. I knew he was a sick and disgusting fuck but goddamn. What a piece of shit. I don't know how Brian Robbins was still friends with him after all of those years and he's the head of Paramount. People like that should never be given power.

    1. It baffles me that he hasn't gotten the Harvey Weinstein treatment yet.

  3. I've been slowly catching up on TV after essentially not watching any for a decade. I've made it through Squid Game and What If....? as well as Castlevania. I just finished up Midnight Mass, and I'm most of the way through Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one I never watched, but I know I'd probably like it if I did.


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