Review: Not Okay

Danni (Zoey Deutch) is a photo editor at a New York magazine, and she is desperate for attention at any cost. She's rude, tone-deaf, fake. The movie even has a disclaimer of an "unlikable female protagonist" and she lives up to it. When she decides to fake a trip to Paris on her Instagram, she ends up taking it a step further by faking to be a survivor of a violent incident that happens there. 

I can admit this movie isn't perfect, but it was very fun to watch. It's extremely on the nose, logic be damned. Danni sucks, but she was fascinating to follow. Watching her go lower and lower in her depravity was never annoying and Deutch was so believable. Then there's Dylan O'Brien playing a Pete Davidson type. It was the icing on the amusing cake.

What I appreciated about this was it isn't trying to be a commentary about Zillenials (which is what Danni calls herself and where director Quinn Shephard falls as well) as a whole. It's about a specific type of scammer and doesn't attempt to paint an entire generation of people with one broad brush. 

There is one performance that stands above the rest, and its Mia Isaac's Rowan, a 17 year old survivor of a school shooting with a large social media following that Danni attaches herself to. Rowan is sincere and speaks from the heart, and is everything Danni wishes she could be, if she had the self-awareness to do so. I thought she was fantastic, and I can't wait to see what she does next.

So is this for you? If you have a Hulu subscription, you should definitely be giving it a watch. 

Grade: B


  1. This is a film that I want to see as I do like Zoey Deutch a lot as she's got personality, wit, and can act her ass off. My mother and I are trying to figure out how to cut the cord (for good) while she also wants to watch stuff on Hulu.

    1. Hulu getting FX's content next day helped with cutting cable as we watched Atlanta and a few other shows. I usually cancel/re-sign up for Hulu throughout the year, but they've been really on it with content lately. I think this is the longest I've kept it in one go. Usually only Netflix, HBO Max and Disney are my year-rounds.


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