Thursday Movie Picks: Math in Movies

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This week’s theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is about my least favorite subject…Math. As soon as letters and numbers came together, I completely lost it, and I’ve struggled with math ever since. Somehow I birthed a kid who loves it, so I guess this week is for him. Here are some movies I love that have a bit of Math in them.

1) Hidden Figures - A feel good movie the genius women of NASA. I really like this and I’ve watched it a handful of times since its release. 

2) Good Will Hunting - It took me forever to actually watch the movie that put Affleck and Damon on the map, and turns out it’s pretty freaking good.

3) Gifted - This looked like a Lifetime movie but my thirst for Chris Evans compelled me to watch it, and I cried like a baby. It was cute. 


  1. We match with Hidden Figures as I kind of went on a theme-within-a-theme as I went for films based on real mathematicians. I do enjoy Good Will Hunting and I liked Gifted. How can you not love Chris Evans in that film.

    Man, all of this shit with Warner and Discovery pisses me off. I don't get it. How can you can a nearly-finished $90 million film and stick with a $200 million+ film starring an already-problematic actor who just got in trouble once again? This is some serious bullshit and I don't know if I want to subscribe to HBOMAX.

    1. WB is losing their damn minds. Discovery is annoying. There's a few shows I really like from their networks but they don't seem to mesh well with the prestige TV HBO represents

  2. Hidden Figures is excellent and a film that deserves all the accolades. We match with Good Will Hunting which is quite a good film and started the road to major film roles for Damon & Affleck. I have not seen your last pick but it sounds good. You and me think the same when it comes to math. I remember once, when given that question about 2 trains leaving the station from different cities. One leaving earlier but slower than the other and I had to pick which one arrives first. To say I hated those math questions is an understatement. Oh..yes...I wrote whichever gets there and, who cares, as long as they get to their destination...I got a bid X for that one.

    1. I always hated "show your work " getting tacked on exams. Looks, I'm just guessing here lol

  3. Hidden Figures was such a nice surprise when I saw it in the theatre. I went in with little foreknowledge of the plot but between the intriguing story and wonderful cast I loved it from beginning to end.

    I liked both Good Will Hunting and Gifted without loving either. Their stories are good one though as are their casts.

    I'm not math scholar either and it was never my strong suit, I was always more interested in English and History, but did okay in basic math however when we got to algebra and beyond I was totally at sea and still am to this day. That said I'm usually fascinated by films on the subject. Sort of like sports movies I'm not actively involved but like to see people who excel at them spotlighted. When I saw the theme I also thought of Hidden Figures right off the bat, then 21 which is little remembered today about a bunch of MIT students who ran a con counting cards spearheaded by Kevin Spacey. Also Jodie Foster's directorial bow-Little Man Tate.

    1. I remember 21. I didn't care for it, and when I found out it was a whitewashed story that made me care for it even less.


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