2023 Blind Spot Series: Amadeus


What I knew going in: That it's one of the few Best Picture winners to also win Best Play at the Tony's.

This is the tale of the famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce)....told by his rival Antonio Salieri (F. Murray Abraham) A man who is painfully aware he will never stack up to Mozart's genius. After attempting to take his own life, he recounts his tale of causing Mozart's death to a priest. (Richard Frank)

I know I'm veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrry late with this take, but Amadeus fucking rocks. I was not expecting to completely fall in love with this the way I did. While not first and foremost a comedy, some of the cuts this film had were absolutely genius. Salieri at one point refers to himself as the "Patron Saint of Mediocrity" which might be one of my favorite lines of all time now.

Everything about this film worked for me. The costumes, the music, the editing, and most of all the actors. Both Abraham and Hulce were outstanding and it's a pitty they couldn't share the Oscar that Abraham eventually won for his performance. The supporting cast of characters was great as well. Especially Elizabeth Berridge as Mozart's young wife Constanza, and Richard Frank in his small role as the priest getting to listen to this tale. (The acting the man does with his eyes in this...genuine what-the-fuckery at its finest)

The only negative thing I could say is it's maybe a little too long. Prime only has the 3 hour Director's Cut so I'm not sure what the theatrical version looked like compared to this, but even with that extra time, I was never bored.

Grade: A+


  1. This is an amazing film in all aspects but it is the performances of F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce that really puts it over. Their dynamic carries the story. I saw it in the theatre when it was new and it was a long film even then but not three hours, never seen the extended version. It was a very fulfilling experience even then so I can't see where extra material would add much but length.

    1. I'll have to look up what the "added" parts were. But it's on Prime if you want to re-watch!

  2. I saw it in the theatre and again layer on video but I haven't seen it in years. It's really a good film. Whatever happened to Tim Hulce??

    1. I have no idea. He hasn't worked in years. I thought he had passed, but I was wrong. Hopefully he's fulfilled somewhere.

  3. It's been a long time since I've seen the film but man, I do remember loving it. I don't remember which cut of the film I saw as it's been a really long time. It is a masterpiece and rare Best Picture Oscar winner that truly deserves all of the awards. It is wild, funny, dramatic, and it has everything for everyone. It's such a great film. Yet, Amadeus totally fucking rocks and I'm sure he's rocking it out with Eddie Van Halen right now.

  4. Oooh I saw this ages ago and it's indeed a great film! F. Murray Abraham is excellent and deserved that Oscar. Wow, what ever happened to Tom Hulce? Haven't heard much about him since this movie.


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