Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: Female Investigators

This weeks TV theme over at Wandering Through The Shelves is investigators. They can be police, or private. There's a ton of shows that could qualify here, most I haven't seen. But here are a few that I really enjoyed

1) Mare of Easttown -
This HBO hit that had everyone talking post-show had an incredible cast, and some pretty shocking scenes. Plus, it took home a bunch of Emmys and is well worth the watch. And after you finish, watch the SNL sketch making fun of the accents because that's amazing too.

2) Unbelievable -
I was watching a documentary the other day about women who had reported rapes, only to be charged with "false reporting" when they were telling the truth. It reminded me of the very powerful scene in this mini-series, where Kaitlyn Dever's character finally gets her justice when the cop that charged her for false reporting is proven wrong. Toni Collette and Merritt Wever are amazing as two female investigators who actually listen to their victims. It's a hard watch, but worth it.

3) Agent Carter -
The cancelled too soon show featuring one of my favorite MCU characters. Peggy Carter is amazing and I wish we would've gotten more seasons of this.


  1. I haven't seen any but want to see the first and kept missing the 3rd. I should have taped it when I had the chance.

  2. I’ve heard of Agent Carter and have every intention of watching it someday, but the only one of these three I have actually seen is Mare of Easttown. It was a very good, tough show with Kate Winslet and Jean Smart both so memorable. It’s of special interest to me since most of it was filmed literally down the road from where I live. Seeing locales I know added a certain immediacy to the show.

    My first two thoughts were Murder, She Wrote & Miss Fisher Mysteries both of which I adore but I’ve used them before. So, I went with these three instead:

    Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977-1978)-Pamela Sue Martin played the curious and dauntless teen who saw mysteries and suspicious activity everywhere and bumbled her way to finding the culprit. During the show’s second year it was blended with the ongoing Hardy Boys mystery show with Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson and Pamela’s role was reduced leading her to bolt the show.

    Mrs. Bradley Mysteries (1998-2000)-Short-lived but terrific show originated on Masterpiece Theatre and starred the magnificent Dame Diana Rigg as famed 1920’s feminist writer Adela Bradley. With the help of her trusted chauffer George (Neil Dudgeon) during her travels they unravel puzzling murders that seem to pop up along their way. I may have used this one as well but it’s such a little gem I like the shine a light on it when I can.

    Agatha Christie’s Marple (2004-2013)-Just what the title states dramatizations of all the Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries with St. Mary Mead’s intuitive and crafty spinster of independent means whose boundless curiosity always finds the solution to a murder that’s stumped the local constabulary. Geraldine McEwan played the intrepid Jane for the first three seasons with Julia McKenzie taking over for the final three years. The ladies offer different interpretations of the role, but both bring out her native intelligence and sharp wit.

    1. I thought of Murder, She Wrote as well. I remember my mom always watching that show. I haven't seen any of these, though I'm familiar with Nancy Drew. Diana Rigg was a legend, I bet Mrs. Bardley Mysteries was great.

  3. Mare of Easttown is a show I didn't get to watch as I tend to miss a lot of shows due to timing. Unbelievable is something I haven't heard about but I am interested.

    I hate that Agent Carter only lasted 2 seasons as I fucking loved that show. Peggy Carter deserves better and honestly, I think she could beat the shit out of Captain Carter from Multiverse of Madness who had to say "I could do this all day" and we all know what happened. That's the one part of the film I didn't like as I love Peggy Carter.

    I'm pissed that The Great got cancelled after 3 seasons yet Grey's Anatomy is still around and The Big Bang Theory had 12 seasons or something.

    1. I highly recommend both Mare and Unbelievable! I think you'd enjoy both, though the latter is hard to watch at times. I wonder if Elle and Nicholas wanted to do more movies and that's why The Great got axed? It seemed like it was a pretty successful show and it was very funny. That news surprised me.

  4. Awesome list! I can't believe that Agent Carter got cancelled so soon.

    Here’s my Thursday Movie Picks

    The Surreal Movies and TV Blog: WORLD’S WEIRDEST MOVIE AND TV BLOG!

    1. I'm surprised as well because everyone I knew loved it! It was much better than Agents of SHEILD, which hung on way longer than I ever thought it would.

  5. I picked Mare of Easttown. I forgot about Unbelievable but it was good too. I haven't seen the documentary about the case but I think it's on Netflix right?


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