Indie Gems: 28 Days Later

Not zombies. Just rage.
Anyone who reads my blog knows about the Danny Boyle lovefest that goes on here constantly. So 28 Days Later is a perfect fit for my horror Indie Gems.
Animal Activists attempt to set some caged monkeys free only to find out the hard way they are infected with the rage virus. 28 Days Later we see Jim (Cillian Murphy) waking up stark naked in an empty London hospital. He soon encounters fellow survivors, Selena, (Naomie Harris) Frank (Brenden Gleeson) and Hannah (Megan Burns) they attempt to find refuge in this deserted land while trying to avoid the raging humans infected with the virus.
28 Days Later often gets categorized as a Zombie movie when it really isn't. These aren't the walking dead. They are alive, just infected. Boyle's signature way or shooting things is front and center with quick cuts and spots of rich color amongst the gloomy London backdrop. Then there's the fact that the film is down right creepy and has plenty of suspenseful moments. This film introduced me to Cillian Murphy who has easily become one of my favorite actors since. This is one of the best horror movies out there, everything about it works. Just ignore the inferior sequel.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: A-
Memorable Quote: "Are you trying to kill me?" - Hannah (Megan Burns)


  1. You only picked this because you like seeing Cillian Murphy naked.


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