DVD Review: The Extra Man


Louis (Paul Dano) is a young teacher who loses his job after being caught curiously trying on a bra in the teacher's lounge. He goes to Manhattan in an effort to find himself and ends up bunking with strange man that escorts older women, Henry. (Kevin Kline) Henry dances strangely, sneaks into Operas, and thinks women shouldn't get an education. He's a playwright, but his ex room mate who he refers to as a "Swedish Hunchback" stole his one great piece of work. Louis goes along on his escapades, all while trying to find a way to balance his new job, his new crush, and his secret enjoyment of cross dressing. Then there's neighbor Gershon (John C. Reilly) with a huge head of hair, long beard, and Mickey Mouse voice that shows up for a few laughs.

I thought the movie felt smart and fresh, but jumbled and disjointed. They tried to cram too many subplots into one film. The characters are interesting and different, but the film loses it's focus on them. Still, Dano and Kline give good performances. John C. Reilly was funny, but his part was brief. Katie Holmes also stars as Louis's Vegan co-worker, but she falls flat as always. I have yet to see a believable performance from her.

Recommended: Yes, disjointed or not, it's still a clever story.

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "Gershon is pathologically late." - Henry (Kevin Kline)


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