Indie Gems: Cabin Fever

Nothing bad ever happens when you spend your vacation in a remote cabin in the woods.

Right? Never happens! Cabin Fever has a simple formula.

Five college friends spend their vacation in the mountains. On their first night they encounter a strange drifter who appears to be sick. Soon, one of them contracts a scary, flesh-eating virus. Of course they can't just drive away and get help. As the virus spreads the survival instinct kicks in and perhaps these friends aren't as close as they seem.

Cabin Fever introduced me to a true horror fan in director Eli Roth. He took a cliche horror movie plot and turned it into something enjoyable. Who can forget that infamous scene of Marcy shaving her legs? Or Paul making the tough decision of ending the one he love's misery. And he managed to be clever and funny on top of that. It's always a good thing when a horror movie can bring on equal amounts of creep, gore, and laughter in my opinion. Plus you have to love Eli Roth's taste in horror. When you see his name on something, you know it will be gory and creepy. Because of him I also discovered the wonderful Japanese film Audition. I'm thankful for that.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "I made it! I made it!!" - Jeff (Joey Kern)


  1. Oh, man...the leg shaving scene makes me cringe, just thinking about it!

  2. Way better than Hostel, very interesting and creepy horror movie. And I agree about leg shaving scene, the most memorable and the most horrible from this one.


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