A Look Back at True Blood season 4

Ahh True Blood. My guilty pleasure TV show. As much as I hate cliff hangers, I admit they make for some good TV. And the best place for a cliff hanger is a season finale. Last season's finale left me feeling a little empty. I felt like the episode prior to it was better. Season 4's finale? Off the charts. Next June couldn't come quick enough.

Here's a few things I loved about this season, and I few things I didn't care much for.

1) Eric and Sookie finally hook up. I realize that sounds very teenybopper of me to say, but I have to admit their sex scene (which earned the first "graphic sexual content" rating that I've noticed) was hot. They did it in the forest! On the floor! On the couch! In the bedroom! It almost makes up for the fact that they made that shower scene so fucking weird. Eric loosing his memory was actually quite heartwarming, and when bad ass Eric finally came back, it made me love his character more. It also provided one of the funniest things I've ever seen on this show.

2) Fiona Shaw was awesome. Witches didn't really sound interesting to me at first, but boy did Shaw kill it with her Marnie character. Denis O'Hare's Russell is still my favorite True Blood villain, but Marie got up there.

3) Pam's lines were great. "I'm so sick of Sookie and her precious Fairy vagina and her unbelievably STUPID name!"

Lafayette's were great too: "We'll stay for 5 minutes. 10 if they got dranks."

And Jesus's.. "You can't trade magic like their fucking Pokemon cards!"

4) Tommy finally got killed off. I seriously hated his character.

5) The finale. Oh the finale, there are so many things to look forward to in season 5! Debbie is dead, what will Alcide think? Tara got shot? Will she survive? (I'm going with a vampire saving her, but having to turn her due to the amount of blood she's lost.) Lafayette lost the love of his life, how will he cope? What's up with the ghost of Terry's past? Will Eric and Bill start to get along? Will Eric and Pam sort things out? Who's the werewolf outside of Sam's trailer? And the biggest cliff hanger of them all... How did Russel Edgington get out of his grave of cement? And how pissed off is he going to be? I can't wait to find out.

A few minor things I didn't like:

1) Werepanthers. That storyline was so unbelievably stupid. I hated it in season 3, and I hated it even more in season 4. Thank God it only lasted about 4 episodes. Werepanter gang rape is where I draw the line on my supernatural shows.

2) The fairies take a back seat. I never cared much for the fairy storyline to begin with, but they started off the season with a very interesting take on them..then went no where with it. Eric killed Claudine, and we didn't see another Fairy again until the finale episode in which one mates with Andy. If they can keep it interesting like they did in the opener, I wouldn't mind seeing more.

3) Eric and Pam fighting. It just seemed out of character for the two. Pam worships Eric and he's always been particularly loving towards his progeny. So him threatening to kill her during their face off with Marnie just felt strange. I hope they patch things up.

4) Not enough Godric. I know he's dead, but in season 3 he still spoke with Eric from beyond. I wanted more of that, Godric was one of my favorite characters that died too soon. One little dream with him was not enough for me.

5) Jesus's death. I admit, I saw it coming, but it still made me sad. I loved him and Lafayette as a couple. I hope we see a lot of him from beyond as well.  He certainly grew on me.


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