A Look Back at Breaking Bad Season 4

I think Breaking Bad might be the best show I have ever seen on television.  I have a lot of shows I enjoy, but none of them put me on the edge of my seat like this does. I can't get over how good Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are. They are superb actors, and they deserve every Emmy that comes their way.

With my True Blood recap, I went over a few things I disliked and a few things I liked. Honestly, the only think I didn't like about this season of Breaking Bad is Skyler, I loved everything else. So instead I'm going to ask questions. Questions that will for sure be answered in Breaking Bad's final season.

1) Is Tyrus dead? Gus's epic death (and double meaning for the episode's title "Face Off" was left slightly open. Skyler tells Walt that "Gus Fring is dead and some Mexican drug cartel." Who was she referring too? Tyrus or Hector? Gus yelled when the bomb was about to go off, Tyrus could've easily ran into the bathroom or something.

2) Who will try to avenge Gus's death? Gus was probably the best villain on TV in awhile. It would almost be cool if in some strange twist he was still alive, but that wont happen. The last episode had a close up shot of the Los Pallos Hermanos logo. I assumed Gus's former partner was the other "chicken brother." But what about that company in Germany that backs Gus's restaurant? Was Gus answering to a higher man?

3) Who will Mike align himself with when he returns? Gus's camp? Or Jesse?

4) Did Walt poison Brock? I'd like to think our anti hero wouldn't stoop that low juts to get Jesse on his side, but the finale sure left us wondering. Will he be set up?

5) Is Ted dead? Injured? Will he play a part in bringing Skyler down.

6) Will something happen to Walt's family? I Think Walter Jr. gets hurt or killed. He's bound to wonder more about why Walt referred to him as "Jesse" when he was passed out after getting beat up.

And the ultimate what if..

7) Will Walt and Jesse become partners or enemies? Will they continue to cook? If Walt did poison Brock and Jesse finds out, what will he do? Will Jesse find out that Walt let Jane die? There's so many what if's between this relationship. Personally I hope they end up on good terms. If the cancer doesn't get Walt in the end, could he die by Jesse's hands?


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