10 Best Superheroes Relay

Bubbawheat over at Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights (another blog title I'm jealous of) passed me the baton to his very interesting 10 Best Super Heroes relay. This isn't just any old relay where you swap one, add one, and keep going. His rules are very specific:

1. The list of movies will be passed to another blogger who will post their list within a week.

2. The blogger will take their list, remove 3 movies – with explanations, and replace with 3 new movies – with explanations.

3. If a movie lasts five rounds without being removed, it becomes locked in; it is permanent and can no longer be removed from the list.

4. If a movie is removed three different times, it is locked out and can no longer be put back onto the list by someone else.

5. Once four movies are locked into place, bloggers will replace 2 movies.

6. Once eight movies are locked into place, bloggers will replace 1 movie.

7. Once all ten movies are locked into place, the relay will be complete.

Here's the relay as I received it. The locked titles are in bold.

The Avengers

The Dark Knight

Spider-Man 2

Iron Man


The Rocketeer

The Incredibles

X-Men: First Class 


Blade 2 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

Superman II 

I'm removing:
X-Men: First Class - This is not the best X-Men film out there, so it simply cannot stay.

Kick-Ass - Because it's kind of overrated, and I have another "random person becomes a masked vigilante movie in mind."

I'm adding:

X2: X-Men United - Now THIS is my favorite X-Men movie.

Super - Super may be the least well, "super" movie on this list, but I absolutely love this little seen indie and I think it deserves a spot for charisma alone.

It was tough only removing 2, I actually wanted to remove several, but this was a fun twist on the normal relay. I'm passing this long to the very funny M. Brown at Two Dollar Cinema

Other participants:
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The Focused Filmographer
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InSession Film
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  1. Oh THANK YOU for removing that pile of feces that is Kick Ass!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Kick Ass. My husband and daughter thoroughly enjoyed it, but I my response was WTF?!? Seriously??

    1. It wasn't anything special. The best part was the soundtrack.

  3. Oh yeah! Blade 2! I was going to put that on there for sure.

    Brittani...I like your picks, though I've never seen Super. And First Class is good, but overrated. X2 all the way!

    1. Thank you! I think you'd dig Super, actually. You should check it out.

  4. Thanks for taking part! At this rate, I'm not sure if any X-Men movie is going to make it in since it seems like everyone disagrees with which one is the best so they keep rotating out. I hope at least one makes it to the top 10. Super is a great underrated choice, though I don't see it lasting. Nice choices.

    1. Yeah, I don't see it lasting either, but I had to put it in. Thank you for thinking of me!

  5. Great choices! Kick Ass doesn't live up to its hype (and I didn't see what the big deal was with the movie). I have yet to see Super, might give that a go sometime.

    1. You definitely should, Super is hysterical, then shit gets very real.

  6. Great choices! I really want to see Super, I'm making a mental note to up this in my 'watch next' list. I enjoyed Kick-Ass but thought the second one was awful.
    - Allie

    1. Super is great! I hope you get a chance to check it out.

  7. Oh, X2 is great. I need to give Super a look.


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