Rambling TV: Boardwalk Empire recap + thoughts on The Walking Dead

Boardwalk Empire

The series finale of Boardwalk Empire is definitely something I'm still thinking about this morning as I write this post. Yes, it did feel rushed, but while some parts were satisfying, others were not. Yet, I wouldn't call it horrible, but it did leave me with a lot of questions on one particular characters.

Let's breakdown where we left each of our cast.

Luciano and Lansky are head of their crime organization, and they take out Narcisse at church. The Narcisse part felt rushed, but we always knew that's where Luciano and Lansky were.

Margaret makes a ton of money in stocks for herself, Nucky, and Joe Kennedy. And when he tries to make a move on her, she puts that bastard in his place. She visits Nucky before he leaves NYC and they dance together one last time.

Al Capone is heading to court for tax evasion, but he can still have a tender moment with his deaf son first. Stephen Graham is amazing as Capone, I don't care what everyone says. They way he showed him as nervous, then he flips a switch and puts on a show for the cameras was brilliant.

Eli and Nucky have one last scene together in which Nucky gives him some money and tells him to try to make it right for his wife. I honestly thought there was going to be a gun in the bag, and Eli was going to shoot himself. So that's where my mind goes.

Nucky visits Gillian in the home in what was the most disappointing scene for me. They didn't actually TALK about anything. wtf?

Nucky's final scene was with "Joe Harper" the kid that came into his service this season, and was intercut with a flashback of Nucky about to pimp Gillian out to the Commodore. "Joe" reveals himself to be Tommy Darmody, Jimmy's son. He says his grandma always talked about Nucky, he thought she might be in love with him. Then he shoots him in the same place Nucky shot Jimmy in season 2.

The "Joe Harper is Tommy" theory has been around the net for awhile. At first, I didn't subscribe, because that kid looked way too old to be Tommy, who at this point in time would only be about 14-15. But hey, he looks like Michael Pitt so that's where the casting director's thought process was apparently. The finale scene was very poignant, but I felt like they missed a huge opportunity to have a flash of Jimmy instead of Gillian. That wouldn't packed more punch, in my opinion. Jimmy was Nucky's surrogate son, and yes he ruined Gillian's life, but he was always closer to Jimmy.

So how did Tommy know all of this about Nucky? Was Gillian writing to him from the mental hospital? Surely he would have more memories of things Richard said over Gillian? And was be bluffing when he said he didn't have a home? I hope so, because wtf happened to Julia? Maybe my love for all things Jimmy and Richard blinds me when it comes to other characters having the spotlight, but I just felt that mentions of them would've worked better.

Oh well, you had a good run Boardwalk Empire. Even though you killed EVERY SINGLE ONE of my favorite characters. To the lost.

The Walking Dead

We finally finally got to hear Bob yell the famous "tainted meat" line from The Hunters arc in the comics. He sold the shit out of it too. I loved Gareth in this scene, calling Carol the "Queen Bitch." I'm glad more people are starting to realize Carol IS queen. lol

This episode was pretty tense and brutal through out. We learned Father Gabriel's secrets, how he locked everyone in his church out.

Tyreese attempts to comfort Sasha about Bob and tells her to forgive. I love Ty, but what happened to Karen and what happened to Bob are two TOTALLY different things, and I kind of felt like forgiveness was misplaced here.

Abe wants to go to D.C, Glenn tells them to wait 12 hours and if Carol and Daryl aren't back, they'll go with them. 

The Termites go back to the church only to get ambushed by Rick and co and brutally beaten to death. Tara, Glenn, Ty, and Maggie all look terrified of what their family members are capable of.

Abe leaves Rick a map to D.C, Glenn, Maggie, and Tara go with while the others stay and wait. I can't tell you how annoying it is to see the group split up again when they JUST got back together. Even though *START SPOILER/HIGHLIGHT OVER IF YOU WISH TO VIEW* I know they meet up again in a few episodes. *END SPOILER*

Daryl comes back at the end of the episode without Carol, when Michonne asks where she is, he says "come out" to someone hiding in the trees. Those idiot guests on Talking Dead last night actually thought he could be talking to Beth, because she, as a member of the group would totally be hiding. ffs.

Other TV Thoughts:

I'm giving up on both Gotham and Big Bang Theory, despite how much I wanted to like the former. Gotham has potential, but it just doesn't seem to be doing much with it, and BBT is no longer tolerable. It's just boring. At least Agents of SHIELD is picking back up, and Fitz and Simmons are reunited! I'm looking forward to next week's episode. I'm still watching the train wreck known as 19 Kids and Counting. This week's episode was titled 'All About Jill' despite this entire season already being all about Jill. Jim Bob is giving me some serious perv vibes though...eww...


  1. I liked the finale but I was wondering how in the hell did Tommy know about Nucky? That came out of nowhere though Nucky did get what he deserved for all of the pain he caused on the entire Darmody family. That's the one qualm I have with the finale.

    1. That's what I don't get either. He said his grandmother talked about him, is that memories he has from his childhood? Or was she writing to him? If she was writing, why was Julia allowing that? Wouldn't he remember something Richard said over Gillian?

  2. Beth and Carol could still be one of them...guarding the back, but the only sure thing is that Daryl is bringing more new people.

    1. I just don't think so. If they were there, he could've said "Yes" and "Bring xx out." instead of just "come out."


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