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Boardwalk Empire

There's only one episode left, and we said goodbye to another fan favorite tonight. Okay, fan favorite may be stretching it, but fuck you. Mickey is awesome.

Nucky arranges to have Benny kidnapped so he can gain some leverage on Luciano and Lansky. So what do they do? Seconds after a newly back in Atlantic City Eli meets up with his son, Willie, Luciano and Lansky have him abducted right in front of him. Touche.

Benny was golden in this episode, even when he was singing a song about vagina. I actually cared more about Benny then I do Willie. I wouldn't have been too broken up if Willie had been killed. When both sides meet to agree to terms, Benny punches out Willie and his goons grab him again. Nucky has to agree to give Luciano and Lansky his empire, AND kill Salvatore Maranzano. Mickey Doyle and Nucky's Cuban bodyguard are also killed during the melee. 

This week's flashbacks include Mabel wanting to keep Gillian and not send her back to where she ran away. Nucky disagrees, and she eventually bolts. He also begins to learn that being a man of the law has some shady sides too. The last scene was Nucky reading the letter Gillian wrote him from the mental hospital. She says he's the only one that knows her, and she wants him to save her.

It's a little hard to be excited for the final episode of Boardwalk Empire when you know, historically, that Luciano and Lansky come out on top. That Jimmy flashback I was hoping for won't happen, because now I'm 100% certain the final flashback is Nucky giving Gillian to the Commodore. So really that leaves Margaret and Gillian to be the interesting ones in the next episode. I gotta head it to Steve Buscemi in this episode though, Nucky was pissed and he was great.

The Walking Dead

After last week's explosive premiere, we were treated to a quieter, more character driven episode. I liked the development we got, but it also came off as very predictable.

Come on, even the casual viewers knew Bob's time had come to an end. (or is about too) That ALWAYS happens when a minor character/red shirt gets lines like he did.

Carol had three important talks this episode. One with Rick, he says he owes her everything, essentially admits he was wrong to cast her out, then asks if she'll "have them." She agree, she gives him back his watch, but doesn't accept hers back. Then her and Tyreese talk about the Grove. Ty doesn't want to tell them about the girls, he wants to forget, but he wants Carol to tell everyone about Karen and David. I love Tyreese, but I thought that was kind of stupid of him to ask, especially when he said he DIDN'T want anyone to know about the Grove immediately afterwards. Then there's Daryl, who frequently checked on Carol throughout the episode. He wants to know what's wrong, but she won't talk.

in which Daryl attempts to get his flirt on with Carol and fails

The group meet Father Gabriel, who's been hiding out in his church this entire time. He lets them in, leads them to a spot to get more supplies, which they do. During all of this, Bob is apparently bitten, though he doesn't tell anyone. They know Father Gabe is hiding something, and Rick tells him if that something hurts a member of his family, he will kill him.

Abe also gives a speech about going to D.C, everyone says it's Rick's call, and he eventually agrees to go. Tara also had a big moment in this episode, explaining to Rick about The Governor tricking her, (he was forgiving, he could tell she didn't want to be there) and she admitted to Maggie she was there as we. (Maggie hugged her and said shes with them now.)

Carol attempts to leave on her own, the guilt over everything that happened to her is still heavy on her heart. Daryl catches her and just as he tells her to come back with him, they see a car with a white cross on the back. He recognizes this as the people who took Beth, and they stupidly jump in the car to chase them. I say it's stupid because 1) They all just got back together. 2) These people are obviously watching them, so they'll come back. Maybe Father Gabriel knows something about them. and 3) They were all JUST about to go to D.C, and suddenly they remember Beth is out there? I guess Beth fans can thank Carol for that. She's the only reason they're going after her now.

Bob goes outside for a good cry, because he's obviously bitten, when he is knocked unconscious. He awakes to find Gareth, Martin (remember that guy Tyreese insisted to Carol that he killed?) and others around a camp fire. Gareth explains nothing was personal, but they took their home from them. They didn't want to start eating people, but it just came to that. Bob looks down and his leg is missing, they're roasting it over the campfire.

My TWD spoiler addiction knew all of this was coming, of course. Bob was born to be "tainted meat." (a comic line) These little moments were a nice touch, and the ending was super creepy. I think everyone is looking forward to seeing what's next. 


  1. Last night's episode of Boardwalk was great. It is the end and now we see that for all of Nucky's faults. He still has a chance to find redemption and I really do feel sorry for Gillian. Had he not could've taken her to the Commodore at that age. I think her life would've been very different and Nucky could've had a life that was different and maybe more honorable.

    1. I'm not sure about Nucky's life being different, but Gillian's definitely would be. I kind of felt like this wasn't a very strong lead in episode for the series finale.


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