Rambling TV: Boardwalk Empire recap + thoughts on Orange is the New Black

Next week The Walking Dead returns, so I'll be recapping that and Boardwalk in the same post. Prepare for a lot of Carol fangirling. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers. 

Boardwalk Empire

Land ho! This episode was called The King of Norway, but it probably should've been called Nelson Van Alden and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 

Let's go over his bad day. Eli's wife shows up for a visit, and he sees that she's 7 months pregnant (from her last visit) They talk about starting over and how he needs her there. They go over to Nelson's house for a family meal. (And also to discuss the situation with Luciano, because Eli knows who Nelson really is, and he thinks they should run) His kids are adorable (though he tell his son that his recorder would sound better much further away) but Nelson's wife is acting like a total bitch and she practically comes on to Eli right in front of him. As Eli and Nelson are cleaning up (and still arguing) Eli sees a picture of the King of Norway that looks familiar, then comes to the horrible realization that during his drinking hazes, he's actually been having an affair with Nelson's wife. When she realizes he remembers, she tells everyone that they "fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck." Before anything else happens, the fed show up and take them both. They later tell them they want to hit Capone with tax evasion, and they need them to go steal his books.

Chalky shows up at Nucky's place. We learn his family moved to St. Louis years back, but Chalky won't go there. He wants to find Narcisse, but Nucky says he doesn't know where he is. Later, Chalky goes to one of Narcisses's brothels and runs into Daughter, and Daughter has a daughter of her own. Is it Chalky's? I feel like they should've jumped right from Chalky escaping prison to this episode here. None of that home invasion shit.

Gillian is trying to get released from the mental hospital after she realizes they're performing experiments on the patients to "get the sick out." She's not going anywhere, and as much as I hate Gillian, I legit felt bad for her.

Nucky meets with Johnny Torrio about Maranzano, who he's also going to meet with later and Torrio tells him that he will go there too so everything can be sorted. Maranzano and Nucky start their meeting without then, then the restaurant they are in is rained with bullets. We cut to Torrio with Lanskey and Luciano discussing what just happened. Nucky gives them a call and says he will not rest until they are in their graves.

It's a very ominous way to end the episode, but I can't shake the fact that Luciano and Lansky don't die in real life. Will they re-write history and kill them off here?

Orange is the New Black

I finally finished OITNB. I think it's great and I like how the 2nd season was more about the other inmates than just Piper. Speaking of which.

I don't like Piper. At all. I felt bad for her at first, but now I think she's just being an idiot. First off, she cheated on Larry first, so he really doesn't owe her anything. Her asking him to rat out Alex on probation was kind of ridiculous of her to ask. Yes, Larry hooked up with her best friend, and them asking for her blessing was dumb, but what did she expect?

Also lying to Red about her son's shop? Wtf was the point of that? Red's going to find out the truth, and Piper's already felt her wrath once before. What would possess her to think that's a good idea?

I'm starting to like Caputo more and more. It's funny, at first I thought Caputo was a sleaze and Healey seemed like the nice one, and those two have completely reversed places to me. 

The season 2 finale? Hilarious. Rosa's escape and the guard singing to the nuns. That was all perfect. I look forward to seeing the aftermath of all of this. (And hopefully Laverne Cox gets bumped up to main cast next season. We need more Sophia)


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    1. I hope so too, I hope she makes it out. I wonder if V is actually dead though? I'm assuming so. Yeah, I have a really hard time with Piper. The actress isn't great to begin with and she's just so unlikable.


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