Rambling TV: Thoughts on Boardwalk Empire, Gotham, and The Big Bang Theory

Boardwalk Empire

This show has always had a way of sneaking up brutality on its viewers. Al Capone gets a gift of a statue of the Empire State building. It seems innocent enough..until he beats a guy to death with it later. Charming.

A good portion of this episode took place in Chicago, with Luciano visiting Capone to talk business. He comes face to face with Van Alden, and outs him as the fed informing on Capone because he recognizes him from Atlantic City. (While the real fed stays quiet.) Capone calls him in, puts a gun in his mouth and questions him over the whole thing.

He's convincing enough, so Capone doesn't kill him. It's obvious Luciano knows he's lying. Later, the real fed finds Van Alden's old file.

The other big part of this episode focused on Margaret and Nucky. I forgot how much chemistry MacDonald and Buscemi had together. She told them about Rothstein's wife threatening to blackmail them, and Nucky tells her Margaret will offer her 25 cents on the dollar instead of the full amount she's asking for. Margaret thought he was going to kill her.- She also gets drunk and kisses him, but nothing more.

Later, after Sally cuts a deal with the Bacardi guy, she's stopped by Cuban rebels on her way back to Havana and is killed. I figured she would die, but I expected one of Nucky's enemies to do it. Now I wonder if he'll ever know what happened to her?

This week's flashbacks were about Nucky and Eli wishing they were rich, trespassing in the hotel and the Sheriff catching them, but instead of arresting him, he takes them to dinner at his house instead. Little Eli was adorable throughout the whole thing. The episode ended back in real time with Capone calling Nucky to tell them they have a "problem named Charlie."


Why is Alfred such a dick on this show?

Is that fucking Kyle Massey?

Why do so many people find Selina Kyle interesting? I don't. (The dog was barking at CATwoman! Get it? GET IT?!)

Is Gordon the only person in Gotham with a conscious? 

Overall, I think this episode was better than the premiere. We already knew the story of how Bruce Wayne lost his parents, now they can tell us something new. They still need to work on their not so subtle hints. 

Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Amy were so insufferable in this episode, I almost turned it off. Holy shit. Amy has consistently been getting worse with each season, but I've never been more annoyed with her than I was here. At least Howard "throwing" out the first pitch at Angels Stadium made up for it. 

Agents of SHIELD

Gah, this show is actually interesting this season and I'm looking forward to next week's episode. 

*I think I'm going back to doing these on Sunday/Monday instead of waiting for the midweek shows to air. Don't forget to click those gifs to be redirected to their makers.*


  1. i didn't mind Amy and Sheldon this week, but Bernie and Howard are always my favs :) Not the best episode, though, seemed a lot like a filler I wish they would just move some storylines further, it's just a series of gags now

    1. It's kind of been that way for a few seasons. Leonard never has anything to do.

  2. Boardwalk Empire was awesome as I enjoyed the scenes with Nucky and Margaret while Stephen Graham was the episode's MVP as he really put a lot of energy as Capone. I'm bummed that Sally got killed but not like that.

  3. 'Agents of Shield' is actually decent these days. I still don't like Skye, but the show has really improved. I need to start watching 'Empire.' i'll probably start it once I can watch all of the shows in a binge.

    I've tried to watch 'Big Bang Theory' and I don't know how to do it. As a geek, I just can't stand that show. :)

    1. Skye is still awful. I wish they'd kill her off. BBT I loved for the longest time, but I'm starting to see now why people hate it so much.


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