DVD Review: A Case of You

It's not creepy..

Sam (Justin Long) is a writer who has a crush on a Barista he just met named Birdie. (Evan Rachel Wood) He decides he's going to stalk her on facebook to find out what she likes, so he can get into all of these things first before he approaches her again. Because charades like this last forever and no one ever figures them out.

On paper, this looks promising. Wood is one of my favorite actresses, Sam Rockwell, Sienna Miller, Vince Vaughn, Keir O'Donnell and Peter Dinklage are all in it. Well turns out those people I just listed get to show up for five minutes at a time and leave while we're still stuck watching the entire film. 

Evan Rachel Wood is too talented for this, and nearly everything about this script lets her down. Birdie borderlines on being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl and it takes Sam a beat too long to realize that he's the problem. 5 minutes of Dinklage being hilarious and Wood singing can't save this.

Recommended: No

Grade: D

Memorable Quote: "Can you just show me where the G is?" - Sam (Justin Long)


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    1. No, she kind of was. And the whole dance recital thing felt like a poor Silver Linings Playbook rip off. It's a shame, I love Evan Rachel Wood.

  2. Wow ... this seems like a classic bait and switch, with all these great actors being offered then disappearing.

    1. It's sad. People on Twitter warned me out much this sucked too, and I STILL watched it.

  3. Wood is one of my favourite actresses too! She deserves better roles.


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