Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, The Newsroom + more

The Walking Dead

After last week's disaster of an episode, TWD pulled its head out of its ass and provided us with a good hour of TV. Sure, it was another bottle episode, but this one was needed.

The big reveal was that Eugene came out and said he wasn't a scientist. He lied because he wanted to live, he thought D.C would actually have the answers and he knew no one would travel with him if they knew the truth. Abe beats the shit out of him before Glenn pulls him off.

I think Tara was a big reason Eugene confessed as well. She was being very sweet to him and gave him a few good talks during this episode about friendship. I guess he felt comfortable enough to say it.

Glenn continues to be leadership material/mediator.  Every time Abe's dumbass wanted to do something, Glenn would try to reason with him and give him actual advise. This is why I love Glenn. Why don't more people listen to this guy?

AND we got a sex scene between Abe and Rosita! WITH THRUSTING! AMC actually allowed thrusting. Eugene did his best Jim Bob Duggar impression and perved from the Self Help section. 

The Newsroom

This season premiere (In it's final shortened 6 episode season because Aaron Sorkin wants you to go fuck yourself) wasn't kidding around with the pacing. We blew through 5 days worth of story within that hour.

Maggie is no longer the spaz she was in previous seasons, she's taking charge and people are noticing. Particularly Jim whose girlfriend from last season Hallie is working at ACN now. She can leave.

Sloan and Don are still going strong. Neal is in deep shit. Mac and Will haven't married yet, and I could still care less about their wedding/relationship.

The Genoa trial hasn't seemingly completed yet, so hopefully we'll see more of that. I thought this episode was fantastic.

19 Kids and Counting

Being the "hot" Duggar ain't easy

So I hate myself even more for watching 19 Kids this week. Why do you ask? Because I actually liked it. 

This episode centered around Ben and Jessa getting engaged. (They actually got married this past weekend) and even though it was all obviously staged by TLC, it ended up being pretty sweet. Normally, I think Ben is a moron, but it's pretty obvious how smitten he is with Jessa. And Jessa is usually a huge bitch, but she front hugged Ben when he popped the question, and damn it, I liked that about her! Fuck you and your courtship rules, Boob and Mullet!

Ben Seewald after his first kiss, probably.

Next week's episode is apparently all about Josh and Anna and their cabbage patch children, so I'm skipping that. But I have to talk about this: After Jessa and Ben married, she posted an intimate picture of them kissing on Instragram. Okay, that's normal. They're a teenager and a girl in her early 20's. Then Jim Boob and Mullet recreated their kissing picture and apparently texted it to Jessa, who in turn posted that on her IG again and talked about how great it was that her parents are still in love..

Excuse me? Her attention whore parents, who now even more so prove they have no boundaries whatsoever with their children texted them a make out picture? I'd be fucking mortified if my parents did that to me. The Duggars are so in your face about sex it's disturbing. Kissing isn't as big of the deal as they make it. They sexualize it to the point of rubbing it into their children's faces. The same children that they have trained (can't say "taught" Duggars train their kids) to repress any sexual desires until they're married. 

*Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers*


  1. Glad to hear of another Newsroom fan! Sorkin could write anything, and I would love it, which makes my talking about the show pointless. But, I love to read other's opinions!

    1. Thanks for reading! There's definitely not enough Newsroom fans out there.

  2. RE: TWD. I love the trajectory of Glen's portrayal. I was so not expecting himto become a take charge character, but in this group he's the moral center. I preferred last week's episodes, personally, but this week had a real shocker for me.

    1. Well, you know I hated last week's. lol. Glenn is a wonderful character, and it's a shame more people don't listen to him. He has everything needed to be a good leader.

  3. You know I preferred last weeks' episode with my love for Beth. I sorta felt this one was quite boring, and I'm not one to usually say that about "more talking than killing" episodes. If the ending hadn't finally revealed Eugene isn't a genius or Abe's background, it'd have been even more disappointing. Totally agree about Glenn though. He's such an underrated leader and badass. :)

    1. Ahh, and I still think Slabtown was easily the worst episode this season. I liked that this one had a good amount of comedy. That's so rare on this show.

  4. For me, that the weakest episode of TWD so far (this season). I've always found the Eugene plot very boring and I just thought the episode was a little dragged out.

    On a positive note - I've started playing the game!

    1. Which one? The Telltale one? Man, I can't believe people thought THIS was weaker than Slabtown. I thought that was one of the worst episodes TWD has turned out...ever.


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