Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, The Newsroom, and Agents of SHIELD

The Walking Dead

After three straight weeks of bottle episodes, we're finally getting one with the whole group together again. Too bad it ended up being a bit underwhelming.

At the hospital, Beth overhears the police saying they want to turn Carol's machine's off. When she stands up to them, Dawn says she can't go back on her order, but she gives Beth the medicine key to help. Beth, who has apparently never heard of the words "subtle" or "nonchalant" tries to help Carol. It was a sweet gesture, and one of my favorite moments, but it was so damn obvious.

Then we meet up with GREATM (Tara's team name for Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Abe, herself, and Maggie) Abe is still kneeling on the ground, dumbfounded by Eugene's confession. He's still passed out by the way, and Maggie takes care of him (and puts Abe in his place) while Rosita, Glenn, and Tara go fishing and get some water. Rosita gives us a little back story on how she met Abe. 

Michonne, Carl, Judith and Father Gabriel stay behind at the church. (And Father G sneaks out later, because...actually I have no idea why he had to sneak. I'm sure they would've let him walk out the front door.)

Rick, Dary, Sasha, Noah, and Tyreese plan to kidnap some cops to make a trade. Rick doesn't want to do that, he just wants to storm in, but he gets outvoted. (Daryl actually disagreed with Rick. I'm shocked.) Sasha is still in a bad place over Bob, and Tyreese is trying to help (though he's taking the wrong approach, IMO) and Sasha's state of mind totally bites the group in the ass at the end of the episode.

The Newsroom

My husband told me last week that he thinks that was the last time we were going to see Neal, and fuck, now I think he's right. No Neal here, but his story is certainly picking up.

Charlie's fake out scene to stop the FBI raid was nothing short of brilliant.

BJ Novak is playing the new guy who's going to own ACN, and he's a total douche.

Jim and Maggie are destined to be together? Right? There was a lot of glances there. Plus, Jim and Hallie got into a stupid fight.

Sloan and Don continue to be hilarious and adorable.

Agents of SHIELD

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Seriously though, that was a lot of gore for an ABC show, right?

At least Fitz is back out on the field. And Ward is back to being batshit crazy. Those are pluses. 

And there was an Agent Carter cameo!

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  1. RE: TWD. I have NO idea why Sasha has been impacted so hard by bob's death. they dated for like an episode. tyreese was the same way, so maybe that's something that runs in their family (or maybe they're both overwhelmed by the larger landscape of their reality). If you remember, daryl and rick used to ALWAYS disagree about things. they're both headstrong so i wasn't surprised to see they both have different approaches.

    1. I definitely agree about Tyreese and Sasha, but Daryl hasn't disagreed with Rick that openly since about season 2. He might show his discomfort (like when Rick wanted to give Michonne to the Gov) but he still went along with it. So not doing any of that felt big to me.

  2. The Newsroom is so good this season. So good! My wife and I are very impressed.

  3. I finally caught up on The Newsroom, over the weekend (and after last night, I'm behind again!), but I'm absolutely loving it!

    My fiancé said the same thing about Neal, but I didn't believe her. I'm holding out hope that he will return!

    1. I hope so too, that's a criminal waste of Dev Patel.


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