Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, The Newsroom, and Agents of SHIELD

The Walking Dead

The search for Beth felt like an afterthought. This episode's main focus was thankfully on Carol and Daryl's feelings. We saw what Carol did for the short amount of time after Rick banished her. We learned that she once took Sophia to an abused women's shelter, but only stayed for a day before heading back to her abusive husband. She talked about not being sure if they get to save people anymore, but she's trying.

Of course Daryl really gets Carol. He didn't push her into talking about what happened with Mika and Lizzie. When he saw she was bothered by a child walker in the shelter, he took it upon himself to burn the body for him. I love the relationship between these two. They work really well as a unit, and even though the plot called for them to make so many stupid mistakes during this episode, I can almost forgive it.

Carol gets taken by the hospital people, and Noah held Daryl back from attacking them. So there you have it, Noah WAS the one in the bushes with Daryl.

The Newsroom

As much as I like Kat Dennings, I wasn't too crazy about the whole "twins trying to sell the company" subplot. Even if it meant seeing Jane Fonda again. There's only 4 more episodes this season, do we really need to fuck around with this? I'm trying to hold off judgment for awhile, but it's hard.

Neal really wants to run the story about the stolen documents he has, but now he's the one on the run. I really hope that's not the last time we see Neal this season.

Sloan and Don are still adorable.

Hallie got fired from ACN. I was hoping that would lead to Jim finally getting with Maggie, but of course Maggie met a guy on the bus that looks like her future love interest. Oi.

Agents of SHIELD 

This week started off like an episode of Law and Order, but definitely got better as we went on. It was actually kind of disturbing, ABC level disturbing that is.

We figured out why Coulson was carving in true AoS fashion where everything is tied up with a neat little bow. Yet they still left us plenty of questions to keep moving.

Ward shaved his beard, the only thing that was making him somewhat tolerable at this point. That's a shame.

Is it just me, or is Jemma not liking Mac? She and Fitz didn't even interact this episode, but Fitz had a moment with Mac how he said the Brain's memory is never completely wiped, things just get disconnected. There's hope for him to get better, though I think he's going to have to go into that memory machine to achieve that.

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  1. RE: TWD. I kinda didn't like how carol was written in this episode. I have been here with her every step of the way on her evolution, but being so considerate about noah's impending death (despite the fact that he showed NO concern for her life) confused me. Also, as savvy as Carol has become, she forgets something as simple as looking both ways before crossing the street? that's uncharacteristic.

    1. That was really dumb, and honestly that's one of the things I don't like about TWD. They make their characters do stupid things for plot purposes. Like everything you mentioned Carol just doing. Michonne last season was out searching for The Governor for weeks, despite him being within walking distance from the prison. Andrea talking to Milton instead of trying to get herself unstrapped from the chair. Daryl opening the door to walkers because Beth thought it was a dog. Rick's entire Too Far Gone speech to the prison.

      I think her being more considerate about Noah was more about Daryl trying to prove a point to Carol. As pragmatic as she has become, she is still a nurturer and does care.

  2. Sloan and Don are what keeps me with The Newsroom this season.. especially since there's nothing happening after this. I hope Sloan gets knocked up or something and Don tells her he loves her and happily ever after!! Love Sloan.. best character development for sure!

    1. I love those two. They're perfect for each other. I still hate the fact that this is ending so soon! Urggh


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