Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD and more.

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Brace yourselves, bitching is coming.

The Walking Dead

This week's episode was all about the show's least compelling character, Beth. Where has she been? At a hospital, run by a cop named Dawn. What are these people doing? Looking for a cure? Nope. Just surviving. These idiots, two years into the apocalypse still think someone is coming to save them. Beth befriends a boy named Noah, who mentions he's from Richmond where they "had walls." (Remember that) and they attempt to escape, but only Noah gets away. Beth gets caught after she shots several walkers in the head, in the dark...because apparently being knocked out in a hospital has turned her into an expert marksman. The episode closes with Beth probably about to kill the doctor, when Carol gets rolled in on a stretcher. Because how else are they going to make this story interesting? They have to add a character like Carol.

This episode killed season five's momentum in a big way. Emily Kinney, the actress that plays Beth is truly awful, and watching her try to carry this episode was even more painful then the dull story. Oscar nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes had a cameo. An OSCAR NOMINEE had a cameo while a girl who has done nothing to improve her acting in the 3 seasons she's been on this show carried it. How insulting. Beth was always a background character, whom I never minded, but as soon as they give her something to do, Kinney proves she can't handle it. She alone is the reason no one cares about Beth. She can't sell her to the audience. When you listen to her in interviews, she gives no insight to Beth and can only talk about Beth with Daryl because Daryl's name alone always draws interest. 

Thank God next week's episode has Glenn in it. (and probably Abe's back story)

Agents of SHIELD

Guys, I'm now afraid of AoS getting cancelled. I know, I made so much fun of this show last year, but season 2 has been SO on point that I'm going to be devastated if it gets the boot.

I say that even though the show twat blocked me with FitzSimmons this week. Those two really need to talk about their issues. then make out. I really hope Fitz gets better though, I think this schtick could wear thin. Thankfully Iain De Caestecker is the best actor on this show, so he can pull it off.

Can we talk about how hot the guy that plays Mac is?

Ward is so much more tolerable as a bad guy too. I actually really enjoyed his scenes.

Then there was that Age of Ultron clip!

19 Kids and Counting

Jill's wedding got dragged out into a two hour long special. Jim Bob continues to give off perv vibes. Seriously, the way this guy talks about sex around his kids is disturbing. I think HE was more excited for Jill and Derick's first kiss than they were. He was even the one to say "you may now kiss the bride." (And during the rehearsal he got to be extra creepy and taunt "I can kiss her now, but you can't?) He is two steps away from becoming part of a pedobear meme.

Erin Paine is banging the shit out of that piano, Jesus Christ. 

After they said their heavily edited by TLC vows, they took off running down the aisle to God knows where. Probably a utility closet to bang.

The funny part is Josh and Ben couldn't possibly let their wife/future wife walk back down the aisle with ANOTHER man. They had to insert themselves and walk them out of the church. Way to make your significant others seem like property, douche nozzles. 

And of course, Michelle tried to make this all about her. "Oh, they said OUR wedding vows. REMEMBER THAT TIME WE GOT MARRIED?!?!?!" 

Then came the baby jokes, 30 seconds after they said "I do."

Josiah is 1000% done with this shit.


  1. I stopped watching TWD this season, but I just had to check this post because of that Susie Carmichael gif!!!
    BTW, even though I'm over the show, I still want Rick and Michonne together so bad!!!

    1. I loved that Susie gif the moment I saw it! I think season 5 has been really good up until this episode, which was shit.

      I like Rick and Michonne too. :)

  2. awww I still fan hard for The Walking Dead and, lots most the characters on the show, Beth's character took a while to unfold but i find it interesting how they're exploring her. i think she may follow in carol's footsteps.

    1. I know you do! You are so much less jaded then I am. lol

      I [i]do[/i] think it's interesting that they are finally exploring her, but the actress makes it unbearable. She can't emote at all.


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