DVD Review: Here

He works better alone.

Will (Ben Foster) works for a satellite mapping company and is currently in Armenia drawing up new maps. He meets a photographer, Garadine (Lubna Azabel) who tags along with him on his assignment.

I've had Here in my Netflix queue for ages and I've always gone to click it, then moved to something else. Now having finished it, I know why. This film was terribly slow.

The cinematography was beautiful and the actors did well. (Ben Foster always does) but at the end of the film, I didn't feel like I accomplished anything by watching it. It's meant to be a character study, but I didn't get to know either of them better. They were just coasting by. 

Recommended: No

Grade: C-

Memorable Quote: "This is how it all started for me." - Will (Ben Foster)


  1. Never heard of this one... but...now I know why :-P

    1. This film is so boring I'm surprised my review even got a comment. lol, so thank you.

  2. It sounds like there was a lot of wasted potential here.

    1. God, there was. Ben Foster is too good for this.


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