2019 Blind Spot Series: Eraserhead

What I knew going in: That it was weird.

Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) is a factory worker in a world that apparently barely survived a nuclear holocaust. He is forced into marrying a girl he had sex with, Mary X (Charlotte Stewart) after she gives birth to a mutant baby out of wedlock. Parenthood is not for these two.

I knew this was going to be weird, but holy shit. I always assumed Rubber would continue to reign supreme as the strangest thing I've ever watched but I think this actually takes the cake. Eraserhead definitely wants you to decide what this film means to you. After I sat there incredulous for a while after the fact, I pulled up this films' IMDb page, read the synopsis and some of the reviews and there are people who put a lot more thought into this then I did. 

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not in the best place to watch this. A film like this is probably best seen at a midnight movie. Not when you're depressed and lonely, like I am at the moment. That's not the film's fault, but it requires a certain head space and I'm just not there at the moment. Which is a shame because this movie is truly director David Lynch's start. You get a glimpse of the interesting figure he was about to become.

I don't want to end this review on a bad note, so I want to point out the one thing this film does really well - it's creepy as fuck. The mutant baby, if you want to call it that is so unsettling to look at. Especially with the way the camera lingers. There's barely any dialogue in this movie and often you're just left with the score and this baby's cries, and boy is that effective.

Recommended: Today, no. Another day, probably yes.

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "Oh, you really are sick." - Henry Spencer (Jack Nance)


  1. I still have to see this weird film that I probably won’t like but will see it. I am so sorry to hear how sad and lonely you are. These are tough times for you and it just sucks. I understand as I felt that way, more than once. The nice thing is that it does get better. I always say, it’ll pass, like a kidney stone but it will pass. Anyhoo, I am here if you need it

    1. Oh god like a kidney stone, that made me laugh, hopefully it's not that painful. lol Thank you.

  2. Man, you just described some of the similarities that I had when I first saw the film. It was in the late 2000s as I had recorded it on the Sundance Channel on my VCR and I had to stop the movie because I was like "what the fuck am I watching?" It fucked me up and it took me a while to understand what was going on. It's not a film that will grab you the first time around but it won't leave your head. It's one of those films you need to see in the dark it adds to the chilling atmosphere of the film.

    It is one of those films that was considered one of the last movies to have a following at the midnight movie circuit as it fucked with a lot of people's minds. I should note that it took years for that entire film to be made because it was made with very little money. Yet, it's a reason why David Lynch is so revered.

    1. I can see why this would be a popular midnight movie. I think it is something I'll give a second chance too when I'm in a better mood. lol

  3. Sorry to hear you're not feeling good, wishing you better days ahead.

    I love the nightmarish soundtrack/visuals. I see it as film about the fear of responsibility and the dream of escape.

    1. Thank you my friend! That's a good way to view this. I'll keep that in mind when I try again.

  4. Oh shucks.. I guess I failed my Blind Spot this year.... darn. And also sad to hear this one didn't work, hopefully next one will be better!

  5. I also watched this this year for the first time. I'd put it off for years because of all that I'd heard about how strange the film was.

    Well the best I can say is I'm glad I no longer have it on my list as something to catch up with.

    Hate hated it! It was weird for weird's sake with no real message or point that I could fathom. I struggled though to the end not because I expected it to get any better but just so I wouldn't be hesitant or wonder if at the eleventh hour it pull some trick that made all the previous dreck worthwhile. It didn't.

    I will freely admit that, excepting The Elephant Man, Lynch is rarely if ever my cup of tea. If I had seen this at a midnight showing I'd be so pissed off that I'd stayed up late for something so stupid and worthless.

    Sorry you're going through a rough patch but they do come along...and go.

    1. They do, and this one will pass.

      Lynch is a weird dude. I've never really disliked any of his work that I can recall, this is easily my least favorite that I've seen of his. (which isn't a lot, but still..)


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