Five Underrated Horror Films

October always brings wonderful horror recommendations from my fellow bloggers but today I wanted to talk about a few that don't get a lot of mentions - from myself included. I always have a few that I champion but the ones below I don't believe I've mentioned in a while. I'll also link to my old reviews of each film. Apologies for how terrible my writing used to be. (Not that it's good now, but it was once worse)

1) Red White & Blue

No, not the prestigious Three Colors trilogy. Calling this film unsettling is an understatement. It shows the ugly side of human nature by showing us three individuals we want to sympathize with at first until they give us every reason not to. Full review.

2) Home Movie

Found footage films aren't as much as a thing as they were a few years ago but one that consistently sticks in my mind as one of the better ones is Home Movie. It's not perfect, but it's different. It's about a couple whose 10 year old twins start acting very sinister. Full review.

3) Starry Eyes

If body horror is what you're into, Starry Eyes is here for you. An aspiring actress finds her auditions getting weirder, and weirder, but she continues to go because she wants to live her dream. When The Neon Demon came out, I saw a bit of an up kick in people talking about this film as they are slightly similar, but for me this is the better of the two. Full review.

4) Clown

I couldn't make this list without bringing in some camp. A man puts on a clown costume for his son's birthday that eventually starts possessing him. At one point, the killer clown gets into a ball pit at a Chuck E Cheez and starts going after children. It's wild. Full review.

5) Backcountry

This might be a bit of a niche, but I'm terrified of bears, y'all. The Edge scared the crap out of me as a child. This film is frightening for a couple of reasons. Bears, camping, and stupid boyfriends. Full review.


  1. Nice picks, but I have to say, I've never heard or seen any of these. Clown sounds absolutely wild and might make up for IT: Chapter 2. lol

    1. Clown is so insanely stupid, I absolutely love it.

  2. Isn't Clown made by the guy who would do the recent Spider-Man films? And if so, I want to check it out even more.

    1. OMG you're right. I had to look that up, Yes. That's them.

  3. I heard so much about Starry Eyes I will try to watch it on Halloween!

  4. I don't know these films and will skip the Clown. bears...when my dad worked for lumbercamps back in the 1930's he came across a few bears and wolves


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