Ranking A24 Films

It's very rare that a particular studio is what initially gets me interested in a film, but A24 has been doing that lately. Aside from a few marketing mishaps (not a damn thing comes at night) They've had a really solid track record of releases. Since I just reviewed a movie from A24 yesterday, I thought it would be fun to separate the films into four categories, then rank the from best to worst

Lady Bird
The Disaster Artist
Ex Machina
Green Room
Bling Ring
The Farewell
End of the Tour
Swiss Army Man
The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Witch
Morris From America
The Lobster
Obvious Child
Dark Places
Eighth Grade
First Reformed
20th Century Woman
Ginger and Rosa
The Spectacular Now
Life After Beth
The Florida Project
American Honey
A Ghost Story

Free Fire
Good Time
Hot Summer Nights
While We're Young
It Comes At Night
Lean On Pete


A Most Violent Year
Under the Skin
Under The Silver Lake
The Killing of a Sacred Deer
Into The Forest


  1. Lawd Under the Silver Lake....I still don't know what that movie was about. Damn, me and Getter are the only two people who like Laggies :)

    1. Neither do I, I've seen a few others remark that Silver Lake is one of their favorites so I'm clearly missing something there.

      Laggies was....fine. lol

  2. Nice ranking! There's a few I haven't seen, but I think mine would align with yours a lot. Although living in Florida, I've avoided The Florida Project because I drive down that street too often. It's nowhere near as pretty or cinematic. lol

    1. The Florida Project is an acquired taste, IMO. I can't imagine anyone who doesn't like children enjoying that movie for instance. I never thought of someone living there not wanting to see that.

  3. A24 is a studio that is kicking ass as there's plenty of films from that studio that I need to see as I do own a few of those films on DVD in The Bling Ring, Room, and Under the Skin.

    1. I think I would've liked Under The Skin better had I not read the book prior. They didn't even adapt the most interesting aspect of it.

  4. I hadn't thought about it really until now but that A24 logo does get me excited for whatever movie it is! I've seen quite a few in your list (the good ones) and really loved a lot of them!

  5. I didn’t know about this studio...studio?. Ok with that, I have only seen Moonlight and Lady Bird and both were excellent.

  6. I hope A24 keep making films. We disagree on a few here, Good Time and Locke to me were both involving(are you not a fan of thrillers?) Happy to see Moonlight on your loved list!

  7. I do like thrillers, I just didn't find them very memorable after I watched. Pattinson was excellent in Good Time though, probably the best I've ever seen him.


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