Thursday Movie Picks: Male Buddy Movies

This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is male buddy movies. A popular troupe that occasionally pays off. Here a few I enjoy.

1) The Other Guys

I know not everyone enjoys Will Ferrell's comedy but I love this movie. He and Mark Wahlberg had awesome chemistry and the over the top intro with The Rock and Samuel L Jackson aiming for the bushes was hysterical. 

2) Rush Hour

I loved these movies growing up. My dad and I watched them together over and over. 

3) Bad Boys

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are great together. For some reason, I tend to think of Bad Boys II before the original, maybe because I was a little older when I saw it. 


  1. i love the first dumb but so funny. And they were so funny together. I got a kick out of Will Ferrell attracting gorgeous girls. The second pick is also funny and those 2 work so well together. They were..are funny. I haven’t seen the last film yet but I have seen parts and it is funny.

    1. omg yes. He has a smoking hot wife and Wahlberg just doesn't understand why. I recently re-watched this too and it stil holds up.

  2. Rush Hour was okay but I've never had any urge to watch it again.

    Same thing with Bad Boys. The leads had great chemistry but it was just another action film aside from that. I didn't like it enough to bother with Bad Boys II

    I'm one of those people who doesn't much care for Will Ferrell so I haven't seen The Other Guys.

    I decided to expand on the theme by choosing three buddy teams and one film considered one of their best for each.

    Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy-Brought together by the happenstance of both being employed at the Hal Roach studios they discovered they were a perfect fit. Starting in 1921 until their retirement from films in 1951 they appeared in 106 films, shorts and special subjects.

    The Bohemian Girl (1936)-Stan and Ollie travel with a band of 18th-century Gypsies holding a nobleman's daughter. Bumbling all the way they still manage to rescue the girl in the final reel. Thelma Todd’s final film, released several months after her murder.

    Bing Crosby & Bob Hope-Hugely successful separately Bob & Bing were paired in The Road to Singapore-a script originally intended for George Burns & Gracie Allen-along with Dorothy Lamour (who would appear in all the subsequent films in the series) as a couple of feckless roving buddies and hit comic gold for seven Road pictures between 1940 and 1962.

    The Road to Morocco (1942)-Starving vagabond Jeff (Bing) sells best friend Orville (Bob) into slavery in a Moroccan marketplace to buy food. Seized by a guilty conscience, Jeff discovers that Orville is now engaged to the gorgeous Princess Shalmar (Dorothy). Astrologers have told the Princess that her first husband will die violently, leaving her free to marry her beloved Sheik Mullay Kasim (Anthony Quinn). But when the princess falls for Jeff, things get complicated.

    Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor-When he received the script for Silver Streak Gene Wilder told the producers that only one actor could play the part opposite him-Richard Pryor. They agreed and a comedy team was born making in total four films as mismatched buddies.

    Silver Streak (1976)-While on a cross-country train ride, overworked book editor George Caldwell (Gene) begins a spur of the moment romance with the mysterious Hilly Burns (Jill Clayburgh). Their interlude interrupted when he witnesses a murder and is then accused. The true perpetrators kidnap Hilly and throw Caldwell from the moving train. Desperate, Caldwell teams up with car thief Grover Muldoon (Richard), and together they must save Hilly while avoiding the police. Many complications and hilarity ensue.

    1. I really like what you did with this theme! I haven't seen the ones you picked, but I'm familiar with the actors work at least.

    2. To be honest I'm not a huge L&H fan though I can see their talents individually and as a team. I tracked down Bohemian Girl specifically for Thelma Todd but a great deal of her role was excised following her death because of all the scandal and suspicions surrounding it, ruled a suicide in time it was revealed to be a murder. At the time it was felt that since it was a comedy the emotional impact of having her in the film would ruin its chances at the box office so all but one of her scenes were cut and reshot.

      The Road movies are fun but shambling affairs during which Bob & Bing ad-libbed much of their dialogue. I prefer them more in their separate movies Crosby much more than Hope though he made some good films over the years.

      Silver Streak is one crazy movie, best watched with a group. My sister and I saw it in the theatre when it came out and the whole audience was in hysterics.

  3. Ah we match! Well, well.. I guess great minds think alike. :D

  4. I haven't seen any of these but I really want to see Bad Boys. Honestly, I don't know why I still haven't watched it.

  5. I've seen all of these films. I really liked The Other Guys as I will always remember this moment... GATOR NEEDS HIS GAT YOU PUNK-ASS BITCH!!!!

    Rush Hour I always liked as well as the 2nd film. The third film not so much except for the moment Jackie and Chris sang "The Closer I Get to You" as who the fuck knew that Jackie could sing!

    Bad Boys is one of 2 films by Michael Bay that I liked (the other is The Rock) as it's a fun film. The 2nd one.... FUCK THAT SHIT! That was awful and I remember watching it on TV and I couldn't make sense of what was going on and I was like "stop moving the fucking camera and for fuck's sake, just keep it still for 10 more seconds". After viewing the atrocity that was Pearl Harbor... a new lifelong enemy had emerged in my life and there is still a lot of hatred inside me for that piece of shit. I have no interest in seeing the third film.

  6. I barely remember the Rush Hour sequels but I think I thought the second was okay.

    That hatred sounds like it runs deep lol

  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one to like Rush Hour. Chan and Tucker have some wild chemistry. The second wasn't too bad either. They're good for a laugh. Nice picks!

  8. The only one I've seen is the first one. It's just ok for me. Netflix I think has added all three Bad Boys movies so I think I'll check it out.

    1. Oh I didn't know that, I might need to revisit The Bad Boys.


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