Thursday Movie Picks: Seven Deadly Sins - Wrath

It's another Seven Deadly Sins editions from Wandering Through The Shelves and this week I'm not going to complain about it being hard! This one was actually quite easy, I thought of these films right away.

1) Raging Bull

Boxer and maximum strength douche-canoe Jake LaMotta takes his wrath out on well, everyone. I didn't care for this. I recognize what's "good" about it but it was not pleasant to watch.

2) Prisoners

Good ol' Keller takes all his wrath out on dim witted Alex when he thinks he's responsible for kidnapping his daughter. I go back and forth on whether or not this or Sicario is my favorite Denis Villeneuve movie. I love it. 

3) Oldboy

Dae-su was kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years before being mysteriously released and going on a well-earned revenge mission. If you haven't seen this,  all the good things you've heard about it are true.

Bonus Should've Ended in Wrath Pick!

The Hunt -  Mads Mikkelson's character should've burned his entire village to the ground at the end of this movie. 


  1. Well these are certainly wrathful!

    I'm with you on Raging Bull. DeNiro is intense and impressive but I didn't enjoy watching the film. Those are unpleasant hateful people.

    Words fail me about how much I despised Prisoners. I understood the point but I was miserable the entire running time.

    I still haven't seen Oldboy or The Hunt. Maybe some day.

    My first impulse was to go film noir since one of that genre's main themes is wrath but decided to go with literary adaptations since I didn't have time to participate last week and this sort of ties the two weeks together...except for the TV aspect.

    Moby Dick (1956)-Captain Ahab (Gregory Peck) is consumed with wrath at Moby Dick, the whale who has caused the loss of his leg. He undertakes a suicidal mission to pursue the beast for a showdown with a crew including Starbuck (Leo Genn), Father Mapple (Orson Welles) and Ishmael (Richard Basehart). When they finally catch up with him the whale seems to have his own score to settle.

    Othello (1965)-Moorish general Othello (Laurence Olivier) plans to marry Desdemona (Maggie Smith) in secret. When her old suitor Roderigo (Robert Lang) hears of the upcoming nuptials he does not take it well and teams with Othello’s ensign Iago, who has long nursed a wrathful grudge against his superior, and a scheme that will end in tragedy for all unfolds.

    Oliver! (1968)-In this musical version of Dickens’s Oliver Twist there are immoral characters aplenty but Bill Sikes (Oliver Reed) stands out as the cruelest and the one most prone to lash out in wrathful vengeance that brings grief to others as well as himself.

    1. I like your O Theme! I've seen Moby Dick and Oliver from your picks. I remember being so mad about Nancy getting killed in the latter the first time I saw it.

      I'm not sure how you'd feel about Old Boy as it's very gorey but I think you'd really like The Hunt! Excellent film.

  2. I wasn’t a fan of Raging Bull but I loved all the other picks. I wanted to pick Oldboy but I have such a mental confusion lately I completely forgot😅

  3. I love all those films and yes, Mads should've gone Dae-su on everyone in that village for what they did to him.

  4. Replies
    1. I think of you every time I write about it. 😂

  5. I find Raging Bull like a well cooked dinner of liver and can be created by the best chef in the world, covered in tomatoes and onions...but it’s still liver....blecchhh. I loved the acting, the cinematography etc... but that person(s) is so distasteful, I don’t feel like seeing it again. I have yet to see Prisoners and I like Hugh Jackman. I haven’t seen the others. I am seeing some neat movies coming out on channels I don’t get like the one with Tom Hanks...a war film which looks so good. Is this a film that would have been in the theatre if they were open? What films came out or are coming out that would have been in the theatre?

    1. looooooool that Raging Bull comparison is spot on. I can understand why it's a *good* movie, but I did not enjoy any part of it.

      I can barely keep track of the new releases anymore. Everything just keeps getting pushed back.

  6. The only one I've seen is Prisoners and I'm not a fan.


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