What I Watched on TV in June

This month was tough. I had a lot personal things going on, so I left my DVR and streaming lists collect my TV shows while I dealt with that. Eventually I'll catch up with Pose and The Bad Batch. Maybe I'll start Kevin Can F--- Himself, but I didn't watch a ton this month.

The Handmaid's Tale -
I finished this in 3 days. I'm torn how I feel on this over all. I should split it up into pro's and cons. Spoilers, obviously

1) Fred got what he deserved. That was satisfying.
2) June finally made it to Canada, and her testimony at Fred's trial was one of the best scenes of the season. 
3) Commander Lawrence still had something to do. He's probably the most intriguing character on the show right now. I'd love to see some flashbacks from his life prior to Gilead. 
4) I missed seeing June and Moira together, so their scenes were nice.
5) This show does a fabulous job of making you love both June and Luke and June and Nick. Both sets of couples have so many strong points and it's sad that someone is going to get their heart broken
6) Mckenna Grace was a depressing, but interesting addition to the show.
7) June telling Serena "I brought myself here".

1) Alma AND Brianna? What the fuck was that?
2) What is the point of keeping Janine around if she's going back to the red center? If you needed a handmaid to focus on, you shouldn't have killed all the ones we knew.
3) STOP with the close ups of Elisabeth Moss's face. She directed two episodes this season and she still did that. You think she'd give herself a brake.
4) The story needs to move beyond June. There's only so much she can do without it getting repetitive. Let her take a back seat next season. Focus on Hannah, or Emily, or Moira. We need new protagonists.
5) Serena needs to be sent back to Gilead or I will never be happy again. I just don't want her to have nice things.
6) While I'm glad Fred is gone, I'm going to miss Joseph Fiennes. This season really reminded me how well Yvonne/Joseph/Elisabeth played off each other in the first two seasons and I got a little nostalgic for their previous acting. 

Loki - 
This show has some interesting breadcrumbs for the MCU. Like the time keepers, the massive destruction that is coming in the future, and what not, but I'm not loving it as much as Wandavision or Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Hiddleston is really hamming it up. Wunmi Mosaku, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Owen Wilson are currently my favorite parts of the show. I really like the retro set designs, but the lighting on this show is awful. I have to watch it in a pitch black room or else I can't see anything properly. Still, I'm having a good time watching it.


  1. I'm enjoying Loki too. And I want to like it more. But I know a lot of details will be left to phase 4 and that's kind of a bummer. Skipped The Handmaid's Tale spoilers though. I'm not sure if I'll ever watch it though. lol

    1. I understand lol. Yeah, how Loki plays into Phase 4 is the thing I'm most interested about it.

  2. I love Loki and I have no issues with the lighting as I think it sets the mood for the world they're in as well as the art direction as I got a vibe for both Brazil and Metropolis. I'm not sure where I would rank it with the MCU TV shows but it's in the middle so far with WandaVision on top and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier at the bottom though I enjoy all 3 shows. I love the entire ensemble as I'm so eager for the episode 5 as we're definitely getting breadcrumbs for the Young Avengers. So far, Cassie Lang aka Stature, Billy & Tommy aka Wiccan & Speed, Eli Bradley aka Patriot, and Kid Loki.

    1. I'm definitely intrigued for the next episode, but I didn't realize there was an after credits scene and ended up watching it a few days later.

  3. I simply have no desire to see The Handmaid's Tale even though it is by celebrated Canadian author Margaret Atwood. The story never resonated with me and I just don't like Elizabeth Moss. I am not sure why but she really rubs me the wrong way>..I wouldn't want to know her. I do want to see Loki and can tell, just from the trailers that Tom Hiddleston is hamming it up big time and having wonderful fun doing it.

    1. If she rubs you the wrong way definitely do not watch this because you will be staring at her face a LOT lol.

    2. Iccchhh..I will pass for sure...hahahaaa

  4. I need to get into The Handmaid's Tale I think, I've only heard great things about it.
    I'm behind on Loki now but I'll have caught up by the end of the weekend.
    I really hope things get a bit better for you soon <3

  5. I'm really enjoying LOKI and though I actually wasn't too fond of episode 3, ep. 4 was outstanding! Can't wait for ep. 5 tonight!

    1. The alligator sent me. That was my favorite part.


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