What I Watched on TV in November

Another month, another quick review of TV shows from House Rambling Film. Here's what I was watching last month.

Succession -
My husband and I seem to be on opposite sides this season. He doesn't think much has happened, and I have lived for every minute of Roy family drama. It doesn't bother me that not a lot of time has passed, they're hot messes and I'm here for it.

Hacks -
I watched a few episodes of this on a flight earlier this month and thought it was hysterical. Unfortunately I haven't finished it, because my husband also wants to watch it, and I'd rather just start from the beginning again.

The Morning Show -
My God, did this season suck. I usually role my eyes when people say shows are trying too hard to be woke because including lesser shown people/groups/relationships on TV is NEVER a bad thing, but I actually see what some of the (good faith) people were talking about now. Yikes.

American Crime Story -
This was a very solid season and I hope Beanie Feldstein gets nominated for everything for it. She was phenomenal. 

Insecure -
I love Issa and Molly back being friends. I'm sad this is the final season, but I have scream-laughed more than once already.

The Curse of Von Dutch
- I remember those hats from the early-mid aughts, so when this four part Hulu documentary promised some crazy things, I was in. Unfortunately it's just kind of a confusing mess that didn't need to be four episodes. I left thinking everyone involved is terrible in one way or another.

Dig Deeper: The Disappearance of Birgit Meier -
I love true crime documentaries, but like Von Dutch, this didn't need to be four episodes. While I liked how involved the family of Birgit was, I don't think this needed more than two episodes. 



  1. I haven't seen any of these shows but... I am laughing at that "fuck them kids" gif.

    1. It was such an amazing moment. Insecure has so many of those.


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