Review: Fresh

Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) hates dating. The apps, the awkward small talk, all of it. She meets Steve (Sebastian Stan) and is tempted to through all those preconceptions out the window. Then she finds out what he's really about.

I'll leave it at that, because I feel like the less you know about this, the better. I've watched quite a few streaming movies lately, but this is the first one I've felt compelled to write more about than just a letterboxd blurb. I loved this movie for the most part, even though it seems a lot of my friends didn't like it. 

It walks the line between disturbing and humor very well. The situation Noa finds herself in is terrifying, but it's never too over the top and gratuitous.  It's not non-stop jokes either. It's very well balanced. My biggest problem with this is that for about 10 minutes, it gets REALLY dumb to serve the plot. I think the writers could've found a better way to make this particular scene more believable, while still keeping the tension high. It's so frustrating and if it ruins the movie for anyone, I would 100% understand why.

Sebastian Stan is having so much fun in this role and I love that for him. I wasn't really feeling Edgar-Jones at first, but once she's on screen with Stan, and Jojo T Gibbs, who plays her friend Mollie, that's when she shined the most. 

So is this for you? If you have a Hulu subscription and enjoy horror comedies, then you should absolutely give it a try!

Grade: B+


  1. Sebastian Stan's been killing it lately. I'm glad he's showing what else he can do. Shit, it's easy to forget that he was in The Covenant (awful movie) and was the best actor in that film. No one was in his level and he was just getting started. He's the reason I want to see this as I also hope to see Monday which is on Showtime and I must say... now I know why Sam is concerned about his sister hooking up with Bucky. :D

    1. I want to see Monday as well! There's quite a few things I want to watch on Shotime. I need to get a free trial lol.


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