What I watched on TV in March

Welcome to my monthly round up of what I've been watching on the small screen. This month I watched a lot of miniseries, binged a new to me show, and watched another season of a favorite. Here are my quick thoughts

Pam and Tommy
- I was too young to remember the fallout of Pam and Tommy's tape, but I thought the show did a really good job of showing how negatively if affected them. I felt so sorry for Pam, and to a lesser extent Tommy. There should've been a lot more consequences for this.

The Dropout -
This is doing a good job of dramatizing bits we already learned about in the documentary. Seyfried is great. As of this writing there's only two episodes left, and I'm looking forward to them.

Reservation Dogs -
I finally got around to watching this and it was so funny. The final episode is frustrating, so I'm glad there's a second season on the way because Elora...what was that?!

Phoenix Rising -
Evan Rachel Wood's documentary on what happened with her and Marilyn Manson. It was a tough watch. Wood is brave to recount all of this. I hope she can find peace and I hope Manson faces legal action for all the things he's done.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel -
This was by far the weakest season of the show. It still had some great moments (and outfits) But I didn't care for Mei's personality change and where her story appears to be going. I also wanted to scream at Midge in that final episode. Hopefully season 5 makes up for all this. 

Our Flag Means Death -
I'm kind of half watching this. The first episode didn't pull me in at all, but every now and then someone says something so funny that I completely laugh my ass off. I'm just happy to see Hodor out there thriving. 

Bad Vegan -
I had this doc playing while I was working. I'm not sure this needed 4 episodes, it was pretty cut and dry and not as exciting as I thought it would be. 

Atlanta -
The first episode of this show was REALLY out there. I was about halfway through it before I realized I was watching a version of the very real tragic murder of Devonte Hart and his foster siblings. This character thankfully doesn't meet the same fate. It was a very Atlanta move, and a very strange way to kick off season 3. The second episode, featured the main cast and felt more like what we're used to overall.


  1. I do want to see both Pam & Tommy and The Dropout as on the latter, I saw Amanda Seyfried do that awful dance and OMG.... I laughed my fucking ass off. Honestly, who dances like that? Oh man, that should give her all of the awards. As for the former, I definitely remembered what it was like when that sex tape was out as it was somethings a lot of us guys back in high school wanted to see. I remember some of us went to the library to try and find the sex tape as I think there were a few of us that was curious about the size of Tommy's drumstick. It's now available for free on porn sites but it has lost its shock value in comparison to what is happening now.

    I don't know if that was true about Pamela Anderson being up for roles in Austin Powers and L.A. Confidential as I have a hard time thinking she was up for anything in the latter since she was never really a good actress from the start. Just as an object of desire. At least she's not a dumb bitch like Jenny McCarthy who should be in prison for the deaths of children with her stupid anti-vaxxing views.

    If I ever meet Evan, I would like to give her a hug and be her punching bag. That was a tough doc to watch and oh... I would not want to go to the Manson message board fan page that was a sister site to the NIN message board site in Echoing the Sounds (which I haven't been to in nearly 4 years). That place is toxic and I really think the FBI should look into it as there's some really fucked up people there.

    1. Oh I know, I usually don't care to meet anyone famous but if I ever met Evan, I'd just tell her how brave she is and how much I admire her.


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