Thrusday Movie Picks - Movies With Flowers or Plants in the Title


This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is one suggested by yours truly. I just think the themes where we have to find something in the title are fun. Here's what I came up with

1) From Up On Poppy Hill -
This is a highly underrated Studio Ghibli pick in my opinion, and the movie that really sparked the idea for this theme in the first place. I love Umi, she's such a wonderful character the the film is so vibrant. Highly recommend. 

2) Water Lilies -
I feel like I talk about this movie all the time, but I checked my keywords and I have shockingly not brought it up since 2020 so here I am again, imploring you to see my favorite Celine Sciamma movie. 

3) Violet & Daisy
- This is a fun, underseen film where Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel play mercenaries. The late James Gandolfini is in it too. I enjoyed it. 


  1. I have not heard of any of these. I like Ronan so I might see the 3rd film. I like this theme and let's see what you co.e up with next year.

    1. I hope you see From Up on Poppy Hill especially! That's my favorite of the bunch.

  2. Well I knew I wouldn't have seen your first pick as soon as I noticed it was anime but I thought I was 2 for 3 this week!

    However it was a German film "Lilies" that I've seen not "Water Lilies". I do like some French films though so if the opportunity presents itself I'll check out this one.

    I have seen Violet & Daisy and wasn't overly fond of it. I didn't hate the film but I'll never watch it again.

    Thanks for picking something that is much, much easier than the last few weeks have been! Actually as soon as I saw it I had so many choices occur to me.

    My first thought was a common thread-Blue Jasmine (2013), The Blue Dahlia (1946) and The Blue Gardenia (1953)-all great films but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned them all before.

    So instead I'm going with a huge favorite-Steel Magnolias (1989) LOVE that film-even more so because I saw the original Off-Broadway production in the small Lucille Lortel (a very influential actress, director and producer from the 40's through the 80's) Theatre.

    Next would be "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" (1960) a Doris Day comedy based on a humorous memoir (which I breezed through in a day!) about a writing partners Jean & Walter Kerr (he was also a well-known theatre critic) and their adjustments and adventures when they moved with their rambunctious boys from New York City to the suburbs.

    Finally, “The Subject Was Roses” (1968) a three-person family drama based on a play of the same with Martin Sheen and Jack Albertson (who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar) repeating their Broadway roles. The film also served as the return of Patricia Neal who had been off the screen for three years after suffering a series of strokes that had nearly killed her (married to writer Roald Dahl she was pregnant at the time-the baby was unharmed miraculously). She was likewise Oscar nominated for her work, though she lost to double winners Kate Hepburn for “The Lion in Winter” and Barbra Streisand in “Funny Girl”.

    1. I've never actually seen Steel Magnolias and now that I'm typing this, I realize it has to go on my next Blind Spot list. (Which I'm slacking..I need to write that for this month)

      I hope you one day go through the Studio Ghibli catalog on HBO max. There's some excellent animated movies there that you might actually like!

    2. Steel Magnolias would be a great Blind Spot pick!! I'm looking forward as always to what you have lined up to watch on your Blind Spot list for next year.

      Hopefully you'll be able to finally catch up with the craziness that is Suddenly, Last Summer! As an alternate if you're still not able to find it I'd recommend another fine Tennessee Williams adaptation-The Night of the Iguana that has near career best performances by Richard Burton and particularly Ava Gardner.

      Your French pick also put "Elevator to the Gallows" into my head which is an essential if you haven't seen it.

    3. I've been trying to watch Suddenly, Last Summer FOR YEARS! I can never find it for free. I know I could fork out the $5 on Amazon to rent it, but there's so many others that I can find on streaming or at my library first. I actually had to switch out my December Blind Spot for this year because Rebecca all but disappeared from streaming.

  3. 3 films that I do want to see with Water Lillies being the one I want to see the most because of Celine Sciamma.

    1. Hopefully my hype doesn't ruin it for you lol. It's a very lovely coming of age story.

  4. I picked Violet & Daisy too but for a different reason.

  5. Violet and Daisy sounds super intriguing! How have I not heard of this one before?!


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