Thursday Movie Picks - Winter Sports


This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves focuses on winter sports! I can't imagine living in a place where it never snows, so I have a soft spot for winter sports. Here's what I came up with.

1) The Mighty Ducks 2 -
This is my favorite fo the Might Ducks trilogy. I recently rewatched these with my son and it still holds up as the best.

2) I, Tonya -
Margot Robbie is so gloriously perfect in this movie about Tonya Harding and her skating career. 

3) Blades of Glory -
  I know a lot of people don't care for this, but the cast was hysterical and I the gif I've chosen above still makes me laugh. So ridiculous. 


  1. I know I saw the second Mighty Ducks but I have next to no memory of it. I did enjoy the first at least until my nephew decided it was very favorite movie ever when he was young and watched it until I practically could recite it chapter and verse!

    I agree Margot Robbie is excellent in I, Tonya but Tonya Harding is such a repellent lowlife (though with that mother it's somewhat understandable) it was hard to care about her story.

    Haven't seen Blades of Glory, I have an extremely low tolerance for Will Ferrell so he keeps me from most of his films though I did finally break down and watch Elf this week and liked it.

    I'm not much for winter sports, I do like hockey IF I can go see it in person-but then I hate most sports on TV, but I like movies with them as a background and was surprised how many I thought of right off the bat. The first was The Cutting Edge but I think I mentioned it before, it's borderline cliche but the chemistry of the leads makes it very rewatchable for me.

    Anyway I went with three others:

    Eddie the Eagle (2015)-I didn't expect much from this but was completely charmed the story of Eddie's quest to become a champion ski-jumper and both Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman.

    Downhill Racer (1969)-Early Robert Redford/Gene Hackman film with Redford's competitiveness and resistance to being a team player causing him major problems when he competes in the Olympics.

    Sun Valley Serenade (1941)-Sonja Henie (a three-time Olympic skating champion who became an improbable and highly paid film star in the 40's) musical set at a winter resort that finishes with an elaborate skating extravaganza has great music and the bonuses of Glenn Miller and his orchestra plus the Nichols Brothers accompanied by Dorothy Dandridge performing the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

    1. I was initially interested in Eddie the Eagle when Rupert Grint was attached to play the lead role, but when he dropped out I lost interest. I haven't see your other picks either.

  2. We share a pick with Blades of Glory. That is a hilarious film. The Mighty Ducks 2 is a good film as I do like the Bash Brothers. I, Tonya. That's the film that made me realize how great Margot Robbie is.... SUCK MY DICK!!!!! Yes ma'am.

  3. I do live in a place that never snows and used to think it must be great to live where it does. Don't think that anymore seeing how much it financially costs to keep warm.
    I'm rewatching The Mighty Ducks too...and am at the third one.

    1. LOL my heating bill makes me want to die for 4 months out of the year.


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