Review: Cocaine Bear

When bags of cocaine are thrown out of a plane and littered around a forest in Georgia, a bear happens upon them and develops an addiction, all while taking out several groups of people in the forest. 

There are several different groups of people that make up this film, but I'd spend 1000 words explaining who all of them are and this movie isn't worth that. I admit I was pretty hyped about this. It looked outrageous and fun in a way I was hoping Violent Night would be, but I should've learned my lesson because this somehow ended up being worse. The lone laugh in my theater wasn't even about the bear. It was about someone accidentally getting two fingers that aren't even next to each other shot off at once. 

I loved that Elizabeth Banks would direct something like this but after watching her directing, maybe it's not for her. The way this film is shot and edited was very distracting. There's so many cuts when people are having a simple conversation. It's like they were in full action movie mode the entire time. It was awkward, and didn't help the viewing experience.

The actors involved all know what kind of film they're in and they do what they can with it. Some of the bear attack scenes are pretty good, but many of them are given away in the films' trailers. Overall, this probably would've worked better as an Onion article. A funny headline and short article to laugh at.

Grade: D


  1. I have no desire to see it. It looks preposterous and I can see morons trying cocaine on a bear. I know its supposed to be based on s true story. Nope for me

    1. Eww, I would hope people wouldn't waste their drugs on something like that lol.

  2. If it was just a silly B-movie that didn't take itself seriously. I might have gone seen it as I like those films. I hate it when it takes itself too seriously and it's a shame that this is the last film Ray Liotta is in.

  3. That's a shame. The fact that they didn't get the song Bales of Cocaine--literally about someone dumping bales of coke out of an airplane--for the soundtrack honestly speaks volumes about the entire project.

  4. The Mpls press screening was canceled because of a snowstorm, I guess I shouldn't feel so bad, ahah. Bummer about Banks' direction but I hate it when directors overshot things with hyper camera movements or too many quick cuts.

    1. I do too and I feel bad because I think it's pretty cool she chose to direct something like this.

  5. I 100% agree. This came across as nothing more than a gimmick movie. It should have been better - the bar was pretty low. Unfortunately...


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