What I watched on TV in February

February meant starting a few new shows that I've been meaning to get to for ages. Here's what I was watching on the small screen this month. 

The Last of Us -
This show is just SO good. Even the episodes that I'd deem the "worst" are still far and above many shows I've watched previously. This show gets you to care about everyone before they are brutally ripped away from you. And I want Joel and Ellie so badly to just settle down and be safe in a community but alas, I know how the game goes, and that won't happen. There's 2 episodes left as I'm writing this, and I'm not ready.

Abbott Elementary -
Sitcoms are hard for me to get into. Especially network ones, but Abbott is the best sitcom I've seen in years. The cast is excellent, I legitimately laugh. I just adore this so much. I'm glad I finally started watching it.

Black Bird
I finished up Black Bird on Apple TV and this was a very solid mini series. 6 episodes, great performances, no time to drag. They did a really good job. It did leave me with a lot of sadness though. Since this is based on a true story, there really are several bodies buried out there that have yet to be uncovered, and I hate that for the families. 

Still Missing Morgan -
Back to true crime. This was a 4 episode series on Hulu about Morgan Nick, a 6 year old who was kidnapped in 1995 in Arkansas. After years with no leads, the ones they settled on are deceased. It's a sad story all around, and one I can't imagine ever getting closure for. The area she went missing in flooded the day after, and I hate to think she may have went with the waters. I hope this family gets closure. The doc also pivots at one point to tell the story of Jacob Wetterling's abduction and the eventual discovery of his remains - one I'm very familiar with growing up in the upper Midwest. It's meant to give us hope, but I'm not sure it really worked in a narrative sense. But I suppose if you have never heard of Wetterling's case, it would be an interesting side note. 

My Lover, My Killer -
This is a British True Crime show on Netflix about intimate partner killings. I appreciate the lack of reenactments accompanied by bad music that a lot of docuseries tend to do. The title is horrible though.

Severance -
This was one I have wanted to start for some time, but was waiting for Ted Lasso to come out to get Apple TV back. I LOVE this show, I'm so engrossed in what's happening. Because I'm watching it with my husband, I haven't been able to finish and have one episode left as I'm writing this. It's hard not to go online and look up theories. 


  1. I really want to see The Last of Us as I've heard the music choices they've brought is incredible. I still don't have HBO Max (though I'm wary of what it will become) as my mother is still clinging on to cable though I'm telling her it's not worth as she's really unhappy with the last cable bill.

    1. I love HBO Max but I'm also worried about what it will become. Discovery Network is ruining it.

    2. I agree. The Warner-Discovery merger scares me as TCM just ended TCM Underground as they had Plan 9 from Outer Space as the last film for that event which happens late Saturday night. There is a special place in Hell for David Zaslav.

  2. The Last of Us sounds depressing and I think I has zombies so that's a no for me.
    I like Abbott, Elementary but I keep missing it I love Ghosts. I think that show is funny.
    I wouldn't mind seeing Seccession since I love Brian Cox and Matthew McFadyen.

    1. I will say the "zombies" in The Last of Us are very different from traditional zombies, the show is definitely worth watching.


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