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Mills (Adam Driver) is a pilot who takes a 2 year drop transporting passengers to another far away planet in order to pay for his daughter's (Chloe Coleman) treatment. When an asteroid hits his ship, he crash lands on Earth, a mysterious planet to him with one surviving passenger, Koa. (Ariana Greenblant) They realize quickly they're not alone.

Adam Driver being a hot dad and fighting dinosaurs was all that was needed to get my ass in a theater seat on opening weekend. I expected nothing more than to gawk and be entertained, and I was! This type of movie doesn't require high expectations. 

I appreciate how creepy the dinosaurs in this looked. The film is heavy on jump scares, which they didn't need but at a brisk 93 minutes the film never slows down. The mission is simple, and they keep moving forward. I was legitimately tense at times for what they were going through.

Driver is great, obviously. There's a bit of humor involved here which was fun to see him get into again after his string of more serious roles. Greenblant's character doesn't speak the same language as Mills so she's tasked with mostly being silent, but she also does a great job.

This is a fun, simple sci fi film. Nothing more and it doesn't need to be. 

Grade: B 


  1. I might check this out as I do like Adam Driver and Ariana Greenblat as the latter is one of Jenna Ortega's co-stars from that Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle as her youngest sister while she was also the young Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War.

    1. Ahh Young Gamora makes sense! I thought I recognized her from somewhere.

  2. This looks ...dumb but maybe it's a fun flick to veg over when you don't want your brain to work


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