2023 Blind Spot Series: White Christmas


Official synopsis: A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general.

Well, the end of my 2024 Blind Spot Series didn't go the way I expected, but I'm ending it on Christmas with a Christmas film! Can't argue that.

This is one of my mom's favorite movies. It was rare we did family movie nights so I have no memories of her watching this growing up. But when our local indie theater played it, I thought it would be fun to experience it with her.

And watching my mom's favorite movie with her definitely gave this one a lot more good will than it deserved. I just can't hate something my mother holds so dear. (except for her favorite hot dish)  The dancing for me was the standout. The numbers were so fun to watch and Bing Crosby is such an enigma on screen. As soon as the film turns to miscommunication to move the plot forward, it lost me. I hate tropes like that. It also turns into a piece of military propaganda that I found odd. Would people 10 years removed from WWII really be singing about missing the army? Where were you people stationed again?

The dance numbers are fun, and maybe I'll watch this again with my mom on Christmas, but it didn't have the same magic for me.

Grade: C+


  1. Oh I'm sorry this didn't work too well for you. I adore it and watch it every year without fail, often with my nieces which has been the case ever since they were little. A few years ago one of the theatre chains ran a special edition of the film and the three of us jumped at the chance to see it on the big screen. We were dazzled by the widescreen and gorgeous color and of course the musical numbers (my nieces favorite number is unsurprisingly "Sisters".)

    Vera-Ellen was a goddess of dance though obviously in the throes of anorexia. Loved all the production numbers but "Mandy" was my favorite with its tambourines with spangled faces and the way they throw Vera-Ellen around like a feather. And the final scene with Bing and Danny in their Santa suits and Rosemary and Vera-Ellen in those amazing red gowns with the tree and snow falling is just so gorgeous.

    I can see what you're saying about the deception plotline and how a couple of simple conversations would have straightened everything out but while silly and a bit frustrating it never bothered me. As far as wishing they were back in the army I think it was more the idea of missing the camaraderie of their service mates and their fondness and devotion to their commanding officer than missing combat or the rigors of war.

    I also love the whole cast. Mary Wickes is hilarious as the bossy housekeeper. Rosemary Clooney sings like a dream as does Bing Crosby who pairs so well with Danny Kaye. Maybe it will grow on you with time, but not every film is for everybody.

    Sorry to see you weren't able to catch up with Notorious!

    1. I think it could grow on me. There was certainly a lot to like about it!

  2. I do like Bing Crosby though I have no interest in this.

    1. Just watching the musical numbers on youtube would probably suffice.

  3. It's funny, I love Bing Crosby and I generally like this movie. But it's not a perennial favorite for me. In fact I haven't watched it in several years.

    1. I can see why it's on repeat for some, but I don't think it will ever be one for me. I'll stich with A Christmas Story, Gremlins, and now The Holdovers.


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