The SONSOFBITCHES snubbed James McAvoy and Paul Dano!

Mette over at Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions is hosting her first every blogathon, asking for performances in any category that were snubbed at the Oscars. This is totally up my alley, but Alex over at And So It Begins actually covered a lot of the ones I would chose. So, I'm going to split this between two actors who I thought were snubbed in the supporting actor category. In this case, both of the lead actors in these films went on to win Oscars. While they were both deserving, their awesomeness somewhat over shadowed their co-stars. So here it is. Those SONSOFBITCHES snubbed James McAvoy and Paul Dano

James McAvoy - Best Supporting Actor - The Last King of Scotland

Many people will remember The Last King of Scotland as Forest Whitaker's movie. And while he did a fantastic job as the tyrannical Idi Amin, the story was told through Nicholas Garrigan's (McAvoy) eyes. Though McAvoy had some tough competition in the supporting category that year, I think he deserved to be nominated more than Mark Wahlberg in The Departed. McAvoy fucking nailed this movie. He truly was the lead in my opinion, but no one would be pitting him against Whitaker. He was campaigned in the supporting category. He starts this movie off by being totally energetic and adorable. He just wants to do good in the world, so he spins a globe and lands on Uganda as the country he's going to use his medical skills in. He becomes Amin's trusted doctor, and things go down hill. He showed fear, love, compassion, and he had to beg for his life. Tell me that scene of him in the airport was not one of the most terrifying things you've ever watched. The fact that all he got was a BAFTA nomination out of this was criminal. This movie was just as much his as it was Whitaker's. I thought the Academy would make it up to me by nominating him for Atonement a year later, but nope. Snubbed again. Someone get this guy an Oscar nom!

Paul Dano - Best Supporting Actor - There Will Be Blood

Everyone remembers this as Daniel Day-Lewis's movie, and rightfully so. He was terrifying. But Paul Dano was there matching him step by step. Dano's Eli was so manipulative. I thought the scene of him screaming "Get OUT of here Devil" would've been enough. Or the scene where he baptizes Daniel Plainview while berating him. Or the final scene in the bowling alley? That was pure brilliance on both actor's parts. He got beat to death with a fucking bowling pin, people! Point is, Paul Dano is a fantastic actor that is often over looked. While this may have been DDL's show, he deserved to be in the race too. The supporting actor Oscar had a clear winner all along (Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men) but I thought Dano's performance was stronger than nearly all of the other nominees. Funny enough, The BAFTAs recognized him as a nominee. That's one reason why I love the BAFTAs. They seem to just "get" me sometimes.

Honorable mention goes to Michael Fassbender for Lead Actor in Shame. The Academy was just intimidated by the size of his package. Seriously, that has to be it.


  1. Yeah, McAvoy really should have been nominated for that. (How much longer until he finally gets recognized?)

    1. Soon, I hope! Maybe that Danny Boyle movie he's going to be in will be a hit?

  2. Haha, loved your last sentence ^^
    Anyway, thanks for joining - and picking two of my favourite actors! James McAvoy certainly is overlooked, at least when you talk about awards. Haven't seen The Last King of Scotland (but I know I should), but he was just fantastic in every movie I've seen.
    It really puzzles me that Paul Dano wasn't nominated for There Will Be Blood. I mean, his performance was physically and psychologically brilliant - what else can you wish for?

    1. Thanks for hosting the Snubathon! This was fun to write. I guess I really like complaining about performances I love getting snubbed. Not sure if that's healthy or not.

  3. Haven't seen McAvoy's performance, but I agree that Dano was every bit as amazing as DDL in There Will Be Blood. That scene where he baptizes Daniel is simply epic. In fact, his scenes with DDL are all very memorable and powerful; one of the reasons that makes TWBB one of favorite films.

    The BAFTAS can definitely be better than the Oscars -- and a lot more fun, too!

  4. I've heard a lot of negative things about Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood, but I'm happy to see this post. I was truly surprised he was nominated at the BAFTAs - that award show just gets it right with some performances. :)

    1. I never really got the hate for Paul Dano in TWBB. Maybe because his character is so easy to despise? I thought he was brilliant.


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