Review: Warm Bodies

They're changing.

R (Nicholas Hoult) is unlike any zombie we've seen on film before. He's conflicted and lost. He doesn't like the fact that he eats people, or that he can't speak to others. What we do know is that if zombies eat a human's brains, they get their memories. So when R eats Julie's (Teresa Palmer) boyfriend, and gets his memories with her, R is instantly in love. He protects her and slowly starts to become human again. Then there are the bonies. They are the zombies who just gave up and ripped their skin off. They aren't happy with the zombies changing. Now they have a common enemy with the humans. But can Julie convince everyone that they are curing themselves?

It's hard to make a moving about the zombie apocalypse and stand out, but Warm Bodies does just that. Most of the movie is R's inner dialogue, which is a great addition. It's funny listening to him narrate his life and try to find a way to "not be a creep" around Julie. His interaction with the other zombies is classic too, especially when they start learning to talk again. John Malkovich plays Julie's stereotypical angry father who won't listen to his daughter even when she brings him a living fucking zombie that's not trying to eat him. His character got on my nerves, but  that's really the only bad thing I could say about the film.

Warm Bodies is amusing through out and strangely enough, the cinematography really stands out. There's lots of neat shots in there. Plus R has a killer record collection, (yes, a zombie that collects stuff) so we get some great music as well.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "Nailed it." - R (Nicholas Hoult)


  1. It sounds like this movie is better than I'd expected. I may give it a go.


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