Rambling TV 5/26-6/2 (The "I'm in a glass case of emotion!" edition)

Alright, I need a cyber cuddle! Who's going to cyber cuddle with me? In order to accurately describe how I feel about this episode of Game of Thrones I'm going to use gifs of the wonderful Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. Because how this article gloriously points out, no one cries like Aaron Paul.

*I wanted to cry when I saw The Twins on our opening credits map.

*Sam and Gilly finally reach the Wall, and still manage to not do a whole lot. (Though they will actually do something meaningful here soon.)

*Jon Snow finally escaped the Wildlings, and managed to kill a few on the way out. I actually really liked this scene, it's sad to know that Bran and Rickon were so close to Jon. ("So close" is apparently the theme of this episode.)

*Walder Frey was actually pretty funny, and I hate myself for laughing. Where the hell is Professor McGonagall? Filch needs to be put in his place!

*Osha was killing it this episode. Natalia Tena has done wonders with Osha. She's 100 times more interesting in the show.

*Then Bran and Rickon say their goodbyes.
*"Keep this one safe. He means the world to me" Osha says to the Reeds.
*We get a shot of Grey Wind (Robb's dire wolf) leading the Starks into the Twins. Which for me, was a really, REALLY sad scene. Everyone else will know why later.

*Then poor Jorah gets SUPER FRIEND ZONED by Dany in favor of Daario. That's a tragedy in itself. I hate Daario. Wtf, Danaerys!
*I loved Arya and The Hound's scenes. Lots of subtle foreshadowing on Arya's part.
Alright, let's talk about The Red Wedding. This scene was hard to read in the book, but damn, it was even harder to watch.
*One minor gripe aside. Roose Bolton was in on this whole thing, yet he totally lets Blackfish LEAVE the hall to go piss? Wouldn't you want to make sure that guy gets killed and not just assume one of your guards will get him on the way out?
*Honestly, the scene that got me the most was Grey Wind's death. I hate watching any type of dog die, and with Arya watching made it even worse. Arya being outside the Twins was handled a little differently in the book, but this was even more heartbreaking. She was so close to seeing her family again, and now she gets them taken from her again.

*Stabbing Talisa was actually kind of welcomed in a weird way. It added another heartbreaking element. (Her being with child, Robb watching her die, and subsequently giving up knowing his wife and child are gone.) It also kills a bullshit theory that I will not spoil here. I'll address it when they address it.
*The Red Wedding was always Catelyn's moment, but I think Richard Madden may have stole it away from her. The look on his face was devastating. Michelle Fairley was still top notch. We understand her grief. She lost her husband, she's lost most of her children (remember, the only one she knows for sure is alive besides Robb is Sansa.) Reading her point of view in the book was hard. Especially knowing her final thoughts were about her family.
*Let's talk about the score in this scene. I thought it was perfect, though I'm a little sad they didn't have the "boom....boom...boom" of the drums like the book noted, it still set the tone. Hearing The Rains of Castamere is haunting enough on it's own, and it's probably best that they toned down the music to focus more on the actors themselves. Rolling the credits with no music was smart too. It leaves us in shock from what what we just witnessed.
*Every book reader (Sullied) has been hyping this episode, so I hope every non book reader (Unsullied) got what they were expecting. This is truly the most shocking thing in the series for me. Even more so than Ned Stark, because I thought GRRM was going to leave the fucking Starks alone.
*I look forward to the reactions of the King's Lading characters in the next episode. I hope they show Tyrion and Sansa's, because I know Dinklage and Turner will kill it.
*I hope all of you are ready for the Boltons, they're the worst fucking family in this entire series. (Although the Freys and the majority of the Lannisters are not far behind) It seriously just goes downhill from here.
*Also prepare to get stabbed in the heart again, because I have a feeling they are going to open next week's episode with something really, really disturbing.
*I've spent most of tonight crying because of this episode, but this Q&A from Entertainment Weekly with show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss kind of made me laugh. In one of the questions, EW casually compares what they did with this episode to an episode of The Walking Dead where they killed two main characters. Spoilers for The Walking Dead - This makes me laugh because in no way can you really compare Catelyn and Robb Stark to Lori and T-Dog. T-Dog was the very definition of the "token black guy"  and they didn't start giving him lines until he was about to be killed. Lori is also one of the most hated characters in that show. Most of the fans were begging for her death. I guess Catelyn is pretty hated by some Game of Thrones fans, but she does what she does for her family. For her children. Lori cheated on her husband with his best friend and got knocked up because she's kind of a dumb bitch. I know I'm taking that comparison too seriously, but it made me giggle a little. Robb Stark made some dumb decisions, but he did it for love, not lust. (As opposed to the book where he did it for a stupid tradition involving honor)
Trouble With The Curve
*I watched this on HBO and it was one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. Holy shit I feel bad for Amy Adams.
*I was too devastated from Game of Thrones to fully enjoy Veep. I only laughed once.
I'm kind of amazed that I finished this post with how drunk I am right now. Drunk and sad. I'm going to bed.


  1. *cyber cuddle*

    I read two interesting things today. Someone on tumblr pointed out that if Robb warged into GW the last thing he would see was Arya. I don't think he did that, but that's interesting. Another - the silence over end credits as foreshadowing to certain someone's inability to speak....

    As for Blackfish taking a leak, you are so right wtf is Bolton so cocky he doesn't care about who dies or lives? Anyway the thought of whistling Blackfish pissing on a tree outside made me laugh.

    1. Well when you say it like that, it makes me laugh too! I remember someone saying "What if Robb warged into Grey Wind and had to die twice." That makes it even worse. I would think if he actually saw Arya he'd try to fight harder at least.

    2. That's true but on a scene rewatch Robb looks like he completely mentally checked out. As if upon seeing Talisa he has gone as mad and helpless as Cat after seeing his death.

    3. True. I do kind of wish he would've said "Grey Wind" like he did in the books. To at least acknowledge the special bond he had with him. I'm too afraid to re-watch the episode. I can't watch poor Grey Wind die twice.

    4. It's a little easier the second time through. Or maybe it seemed that way because it was more background as I worked from home the second time through.

      So much to look forward to. Wonder if the season ends on a higher/lighter note after this. You seem to not discuss spoilers (understandably so), so I will just leave it at that vague comment.

    5. Yeah, I try to avoid spoilers as best I can, because there's so many of them on the web. I'm interested on how the season will end as well. I have a few different ideas.

  2. 20 minutes, and I'm just morphing Danzig's "Mother" to "Mhysa" in my head as I wait.


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