Rambling TV: What I Want From Game of Thrones Season 4

With season 3 of Game of Thrones wrapped in an arguably underwhelming fashion to an otherwise fantastic season, we're left wondering what's in store for us in season 4. Here's a few things I would like to see. Minor Storm of Swords/Feast For Crows/Dance With Dragons spoilers ahead. I'll try to be as vague as possible regarding the plot so that non readers can read this too, but I'll mention a few character's names. No deaths, don't worry.

1) Please make Jaime and Brienne being in King's Landing early worth while. - 
Right now, this is a glaring mistake in my opinion. I hope that I'm wrong, and that they do something wonderful with this, because I honestly can't see how this is going to work.

2) Trim down the Iron Islanders. - One of the things I hated the most in AFFC was the edition of so many Iron born characters. I honestly would not even bat an eyelash if Asha/Yara was the only one they focus on. I'm still going back and forth on if the others are even necessary.

3) You wowed us with the Red Wedding, now wow us with the Purple one. - Weddings are a big deal in the ASOIAF universe, this one should be a hell of a spectacle too.

4) Cast someone big to play Oberyn Martell.  - And while you're at it, recast the guy that played The Mountain in the first season rather than the guy who played him in the second.

5) There's a certain Lady that needs introducing. - That needs to happen fairly early in season 4. (Maybe they can even show a flashback since they didn't include a big part of this in season 3?) There's also a certain Coldhands that needs introducing as well.

6) Spice up Dany's story line. - Let's be honest, after Dany's "fuck yeah!" moment in Astapor, her chapters go down hill, FAST. I wouldnt' object to them altering her story here and there to make it more interesting. (and make it seem like she's actually accomplishing something.)

7) Bring back Dontos. - I have a bad feeling Sansa's Storm of Swords arc is going to be rushed in season 4. I still think it's important for this character to return.

8) A little Dorne goes a long way - I didn't care for the Dornish chapters either, but I can agree they are a tad more interesting than the Iron born. Plus, The Martells (Dorne's main House) are a lot more important to the story, especially their link with the Targaryens. I don't think a ton of time needs to be devoted to them, but they should be able to summarize it well. Plus, I guess I can't complain about getting some more bad ass female characters.

9) Sexy times - There's a certain sex scene that takes place in a very interesting place towards the end of Storm of Swords that I actually went "what the fuck?" when I read it. I think this needs to stay. Right now, I'm not sure how they're going to fit it in since they've already initiated some changes. I think anyone who read SoS knows what I'm talking about.

10) Give Jon Snow his bad ass moments. - He has a few in Dance with Dragons, let them be.

11) Stop making Stannis so damn pussy-whipped. - I seriously hate using that phrase at all, but it's true. Melisandre had a lot of say in the things that Stannis did, but she didn't nearly have as much pull as she does in the show.

12) Leave Theon out for awhile - We all know it's Ramsay Bolton who's torturing Theon, but I don't think he should return early in season 4. His appearance is supposed to drastically change, time away from him will help with the shock of that. I don't think he should be completely absent from season 4, because The Boltons are a family that TV watchers really need to know, but save him for episode 5 or later.

13) Stop giving Shae scenes on her own. - The scene with her and Varys in the finale was so pointless that I almost started to appreciate Ros' old scenes. The more they make her "love" Tyrion, the less relevant she becomes.

14) The remaining Stark children need to start showing their warging abilities. - Bran is not the only Stark that can see/dream through his direwolf's eyes.

15) Mance Rayder exists - Remember? He was kind of a big deal and then you only showed him in two episodes last season?

What do you want from season 4?


  1. The KL thing with Jaime and Brienne is so fucking terrible but I'm thinking they can have Sansa bond with them a bit in the overwhelming amount of time that is 2 episodes (:D) and then the search for Sansa remains when she escapes and Brienne goes after her. That said the underwhelming reunion in finale weakens the sex scene you mentioned. I'm still at loss as to why the hell they had Jaime return in finale.

    The certain Lady aspect missed its chance for awesome scene that would be 3 days after RW in finale so I'm just hoping they will show us the epilogue in season 4 finale right after LF/Lysa scene and his certain two words that would tie to this next scene nicely. Seems like such a neat idea, yet again I'm worried as the obvious seems to be lost on writers as evidenced in finale.

    Theon should be absent the whole season 4. That would make the Reek reveal insanely effective in season 5.

    1. That's a great idea to include it after the LF/Lysa scene. That would be insanely badass. They will really have to wow us with something to get over Jaime being in KL early. They are putting the most twisted sex scene in all of the books at risk!

  2. I want to see Joffrey's head on a pike in season 4.

    1. I'm disappointed no one slapped him this season. I would've loved it if Tywin would've cracked one after he made that comment about him hiding under Casterly Rock.


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